What is the Flex EX2 Radio System used for?

The Flex radio systems are used for hoist and crane applications where you want to work from a distance, this can be due to safety or due to the size of the item you are lifting or simply just for better work practice.

Ideal for use in material handling, overhead crane, and industrial applications. Flex EX2 transmitters are ergonomic and lightweight and are available in 4, 6, 8, and 12-button style options to meet all your application needs.

What are the benefits of using the Flex EX2 Radio System?

  • Allows the user to be at a distance while using the crane or hoist.
  • Equipped with over 200 programmable functions to suit all applications.
  • The systems have an operating range of up to 100m.
  • Legend stickers are now next to the buttons to prevent wear.
  • Onboard diagnostic and output LEDs provide system status information for installation and troubleshooting.
  • IP66 rated, fully sealed transmitter and receiver enclosures ensure protection in harsh indoor or outdoor environments.
  • The ergonomically designed transmitter and receiver enclosures are extremely compact and lightweight for easy operation and installation.
  • Two “AA” alkaline batteries provide more than 100 hours of operation.
  • Pushbuttons feature gold-plated contacts and are rated for more than one million press cycles.
  • Battery compartment with single thumbscrew provides easy access to batteries, dipswitches, and programming port.
  • All functions and settings are simply set via push-buttons, dipswitches, jumpers and a programmer unit.

What is included in the radio system?

  • One Receiver
  • Two Transmitters
  • Two Legend Sticker Sheets
  • One Bag of spare fuses and jumpers
  • One User Manual

What is the difference between the MRX receiver and the standard receiver?

With the Flex EX2 System the MRX receiver comes as standard on the 4 & 6 button systems, this receiver is ideal for basic or lightweight applications, such as chain hoists. They are supplied when control voltage of 12/24VDC & 24 to 240VAC range is requested.

The standard receiver is supplied with the 8 & 12 button systems, or when the control voltage of a 4 & 6 button system is in the 380-460VAC range. It offers more control capabilities and options suitable for overhead cranes, for functions such as travel trolley and powered lifting devices.

If you are using a crane design with the 4 or 6 button system, please give our sales team a call as this will need to be discussed to see what the best option is for you.

How do I make my receiver and transmitter pair with eachother?

When purchasing the system we will ensure the receiver and transmitter are already paired with their unique serial number and channel number so you won't need to do any additional programming once installed.

What if my transmitters get damaged or lost?

No problem at all… we stock replacement transmitters here in the UK and can program them to match your receiver, or you can do this yourself if you know how. For us to program we need to know is the channel number and serial number and it is helpful to know how old your system is as this can effect the frequency of the remote.  We can get a replacement to you in 1 to 2 working days.

Can I get spare parts?

Yes… all spare parts are stocked in the UK and can be easily obtained with next day delivery to ensure we keep downtime to a minimum.

What accessories can I get with this system?

Similar to the FLEX EX1 System there are various accessories that you can purchase alongside your system -

  • Protective rubber boot
  • Transmitter vinyl pouch
  • Protective padded case
  • Legend sticker sheets
  • Retractable belt mount transmitter strap
  • Waist belt
  • Charging dock
  • Horn kit

 What happens if my system stops working?

You can call us at any time to check why the system is not working, this can happen for various reasons. We will run through basic troubleshooting of what could be at fault. This could vary from checking the status light indicators and warnings, ensuring the batteries have been replaced, the E-Stop is in a released position and that there are no obstructions causing any connection issues from the receiver.

If the problem is still not resolved, we can get Magnetek’s technical team to give you a call.

How do I order a Flex EX2 system?

All you need to know it how many buttons you require and what control voltage is required.

You can simply order online – /categories/chain-hoists---trolleys/electric-chain-hoists/electric-hoist-accessories/radio-control-systems/arc-flex-radio-control-systems

 Or you can give our sales team a call.

Please note -  If ordering online the sales team will get in touch to confirm your control voltage.