Have you ever asked yourself questions that are along the lines of ‘Why we need fall arrest harnesses?’ or ‘What's the difference between this version compared to other harnesses?’ 

Whether you have or maybe you've started a new project where you've been advised you will need a fall arrest harness, or any harness, you've landed in the right place. 

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Let's start off by uncovering the basics around this particular piece of on-person equipment by asking the question... 

What are Fall Arrest Harnesses?

When you are working above ground, your personal safety is ev...

If you're in an industry that requires working at great heights, then you have likely heard of, and used at some point, safety harnesses. Even if you're not entirely sure what this piece of equipment is or how they work, you've likely seen them in operation, just not paid attention to it.

In this article, we will look at what this safety gear is, how it can be used and the advantages having one or several can have for you and your workers.

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What are Safety Harnesses?

In a short and sweet form, they are a form of protective gear that is designed to protect a person or worker from falling and getting injured. You can expect to find them being used, and you should use them when you are working at great heights as they giv...

The terms fall arrest and fall restraint are often used as similar aspects of the fall protection system. However, it needs to be noted that fall arrest systems and fall restraint systems promote two different types of fall protection functions. A fall arrest system works by preventing a worker from falling down after a fall incident has already taken place. On the other hand, a fall restraint system prevents a worker from getting close to a potential hazard.

In most circumstances, fall arrest systems prove to be more useful that fall restraint systems. With fall arrest systems, workers can access hard-to-reach places and perform their duties well. With fall restraint systems, such as guardrails, workers often find it difficult to access difficult locations on the site and this may come in their way of successful project accomplishment. However, workers need formal training to be able to use fall arrest systems in an appropriate manner.

The training is meant to e...

The answer is “Yes”. According to the mandates enforced by the Safety And Health Administrations, employers are responsible for providing fall protection training to the workers whose scope of work is associated with a high probability of fall hazard. Employers are required to deliver training that will not only educate workers about the ways by which they can recognise fall hazards, but will also provide information on the processes that can be deployed to minimise such hazards. Besides, the fall protection training should also be designed to ensure that the workers acquire adequate practical knowledge on equipment inspection, equipment erection as well as disassembly, and equipment maintenance.

Notably, with changes in working conditions, a particular training program may become obsolete and in those cases, employers should organize new training programs to help workers to safely adapt to new conditions and use fall protection equipment in the recommended man...

Workers typically opt for full-body harnesses that are easy to don, adjust and comfortable to wear.  If you are looking to purchase fall protection equipment for your workers, you should note that harnesses differ from each other in terms of construction and strap placement and hence, you should compare different harnesses on a number of parameters while keeping safety as your primary consideration. While, as a buyer, you may expect harnesses to meet safety benchmarks, but surprisingly and rather unfortunately, some brands fail to adhere to the basic safety standards. Fortunately LES only supply height safety equipment that is CE marked and conforms to the relevant British Standard.

Before you make a purchase decision, make sure that the product manufacturer holds an ISO 9001 certification. This certification testifies that the manufacturer runs operations while strictly adhering to the international design, development, manufacturing, installation, and serv...

Investing in sturdy height safety equipment is completely essential for anyone who could be at risk from falls. We often hear of cases where people have been killed or injured because they have had an accident whilst working at height, and a lot of the time it is completely preventable.

If you are an employer and make use of safety harnesses and general height safety equipment, you have a duty of care to your staff to ensure that all gear is inspected on a regular basis. It is a requirement of the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 that all equipment exposed to conditions causing deterioration is inspected regularly. If you don’t follow these regulations, you could be putting your employees in very real danger.

A safety harnesses can often be the difference between life and death, and that’s why the Lifting Equipment Store provides leading quality harnesses from the market leader Tractel. Their harnesses are designed for specific applications, including basic roof working, Pylon work, scaffolding, industrial maintenance, pruning and rigging. The Tractel Group constantly test and adjust their harnesses to benefit the comfort of the user and allow maximum functionality.

The Popular Tractel HT22 Safety Harness

This harness is one of our best sellers, and it benefits from customisable features at an affordable price. This entry level harness features five adjustment points to ensure a secure, comfortable and safe fit, yet it’s light too so you’ll hardly know that you’re wearing it. This quality harness conforms to EN 361 and quick release auto buckles can be included for your convenience.

The Elastrac Range


Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint Equipment- What’s the difference? This is a very common question we hear almost everyday, there is a fine line but one to very much consider before making any purchases of height safety equipment or lanyards.

Fall Arrest Equipment- is used when there is a risk of the wearer falling at height, a fall arrest lanyard or block will include a shock absorber of some form which deploys and breaks a fall when it occurs.

Fall Restraint Equipment- is used to restrain a wearer from having a fall, the idea is to secure the user to an area of protection and prevent them from being at risk from a fall. In simple terms for example if there is a flat roof one would use a restraint lanyard to prevent the user from reaching the edge and there for restrains the user from a risk of falling. This type of equipment is not to be used to arrest a fall and could result in serious injury.

For more information on our range of Fall Arrest ...

We are very proud to be introducing our new ranges of Tractel and Yale Height Safety Equipment which includes everything needed to remain safe at height from Safety Harnesses to Fall Arrest Blocks and Anchorage Devices.

We chose to introduce these two super premium Height Safety brands first to bring you equipment designed for specialist applications as well as standard everyday equipment such as lanyards with carabiners big enough to anchor over a scaffold tube or harnesses designed for rescue, we aim to offer the best quality and the biggest range at the lowest prices. As always we promise to do our best to beat on price and if we don’t, challenge us!

Tractel Harness Kits

Tractel are a hugely popular brand within the height safety world, consider them the Mercedes of the Height Safety world. If Tractel don’t offer it- it probably doesn’t exist! A harness for almost every type of activity at height, check out the HUGE ...

When supplying Height Safety Equipment the vendor cannot help but feel concerned for the users safety, we feel that your safety is in our hands, there for we must provide the best quality safety equipment available to ensure that when used correctly our users are efficiently protected against a serious accident when working at height.

Our main manufacturers that we distribute height safety equipment for are Yale and Tractel. Two market leaders in the height safety market, their ranges of harnesses both have their unique differences and specialist products. Both brands are very similar in terms of price and quality.

Tractel Safety Harness EN361 EN1497

Yale provide a well respected, popular range of Safety Harnesses from single point up to four point with special features like quick-connect and extra large harness options, the Yale range also features some unique harnesses such as the rescue harness and rigging harness.

Tractel o...