Think about it…without customers, a business wouldn’t succeed? So why wouldn’t you put the customer's needs and wants as your first priority in any situation? This is where many businesses fail to recognise that customer service is one of the most valued assets a business can have and how it can make or break a purchase or even lead to repeat custom.

What deems good customer service?

Good customer service is when the customer is completely satisfied from the enquiry right through to the delivery of the product. This sounds easy enough but stating how to give good customer service is very different to following it through consistently. Repeat business is the backbone of selling to consumers as one off purchases are typically the most important as a fantastic customer service experience will implore the customer to be more inclined to repeat a purchase in ...

September has been an exhausting month, we have been busy adding new products to our website and perfecting content and ranking recently all in order to bring you the latest information right where you want it! At the top!

We now have outsourced some of our online content promotion to an expert company and all of our text and content is still written in house. We are so proud to provide what customers are calling “The Best!” In everything Lifting related.

Sales have risen by 50% on last months figures showing an extreme rise in repeat customers and account holders regularly taking advantage of our low prices and ability to beat any like for like quotation.

Our services go beyond sales, we also provide service packages for all of our products should you require. technical advice and a friendly personal service are a standard.

Exports are also on the rise, in the past week we have shipped to almost every continent on the planet! For ...

For those that follow our blog posts, we apologise for the recent lack in uploading blog posts, this has been due to the large increase in sales that we are experiencing. Thank you to all those who have supported us in the past and continue to do so with your repeat custom.

We are eternally grateful.

Our aim is to stay on top and in order for us to do this we will be requiring a new part time member of staff with a good knowledge of websites, SEO etc. This job will be totally flexible and will not require you to work the same hours our office does, working from home is fine. About 10-20 hours per week would be ideal.

All ages and abilities welcome- don’t be shy!!! Send your C.V and a letter of application to our email address and we will consider your application.

This last month has seen us venture in to some really exciting projects and industries such as supplying the MOD with new hoists, exporting cranes to Nigeria to help maintain p...

October was an extremely busy month online and at the office of Lifting Equipment Store.

The team have been flat out this month striving to provide the high quality service our customers demand and always receive.

Supply of equipment this month has reached an all time high with global export still showing rapid growth since last month, special projects have included a large export to South Korea of over 30 Yale C85 Ratchet Lever Hoists that are about to be air freighted over to our customer who requires them for an urgent application and did not have time to wait for the more cost effective Sea Freight, we easily and efficiently accommodated his needs.

Closer to home we are proud to have been involved in the supply of drum handling and lifting gear to companies operating on the renovation of Birmingham’s New Street Station; a multi million pound investment that will revolutionise rail travel in and out of Birmingham City Centre, It’s nice to...

Today a new feature is being rolled out across the website, ‘Important Information Stickers’ displaying important information will be appearing in the corner of some products to bring you vital information and interesting facts that will help you decide on your purchase.


In the Lifting Slings section we have introduced a sticker that shows all Webbing and Round Slings feature a 24-48 hour lead time before despatch.

Other stickers will feature most popular items ‘Best Seller’ and discounts such as ‘10% off’ as well as ‘Lowest Price’ variations.

We hope that this new feature will assist you in the buying of your Lifting Equipment and make the process easier for both buyer and seller. This will happen with ease, showing the buyer where the best offers are, keeping them informed about any possible delays as well as saving the seller (us) some time in not having to respond to phone c...

Save more money when using Lifting Equipment Store with out new Loyalty Points scheme.

Many repeat customers are taking full advantage of their Loyalty Points in combination with other offers and saving vast amounts of cash that they would not save elsewhere! Every bit helps!

Earn 1 point for every £1 spent! Save £10 for every £1,000 spent, It’s so easy to save!

Save even more by signing up to our newsletter, we have an exclusive offer this week only for our subscribers!

Over the last few years or so it has been normality among the users of pallet trucks and across the industry that “When they’re gone, they’re gone” pallet trucks became so cheap that when they break it can be cheaper to buy a new one then buy the spare parts, wait for them to arrive, fit them only to find something else wrong with it requiring more parts and more time, it was simple; buy a new one!

Sadly this is no longer the case for any pallet trucks manufactured in China (which is probably 85% of brands out there). This was implemented after February 14th when the European Commission of Trade Protectorate self-initiated an Anti-Dumping investigation into the import of hand pallet trucks from the peoples republic of China, this also included the main parts of the truck such as the pump and chassis to avoid people trying to import the parts and assemble them in the UK (nice trying!!).

Pfaff Silberblau Pallet Truck

On Febru...

Sadly Winter is here to bring you doom and gloom, so are we! JUST KIDDING!

Unfortunately though, we have ceased the free shipping over £300 offer, however if you are feeling social you can still take up the opportunity by tweeting us at @LiftingStore and request your free shipping today!

Make sure you are following us and we will follow you back and direct message you a code to enable Free Shipping over £300!

So don’t wait, brighten up your monday and keep your boss sweet, save a little, live a little! Enjoy!

That’s right, we are JACKING DOWN the prices! Our huge range of Toe Jacks are on offer until the end of the month, so HURRY! Buy today and combine with our FREE SHIPPING when you spend over £300 online at Lifting Equipment Store

Visit our the Toe Jack section at our online shop to view prices and buy online.

Toe Jacks can be used to lift and lower heavy loads up to 10,000kg with the use of a hydraulic ram. Usually manually operation a toe jack is a powerful low entry jack with a large base for extra support to ensure loads cannot tilt or tip over the jack.

Why not combine your toe jack with our growing range of Machine Moving Skates?

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