We are very proud to be introducing our new ranges of Tractel and Yale Height Safety Equipment which includes everything needed to remain safe at height from Safety Harnesses to Fall Arrest Blocks and Anchorage Devices.

We chose to introduce these two super premium Height Safety brands first to bring you equipment designed for specialist applications as well as standard everyday equipment such as lanyards with carabiners big enough to anchor over a scaffold tube or harnesses designed for rescue, we aim to offer the best quality and the biggest range at the lowest prices. As always we promise to do our best to beat on price and if we don’t, challenge us!

Tractel Harness Kits

Tractel are a hugely popular brand within the height safety world, consider them the Mercedes of the Height Safety world. If Tractel don’t offer it- it probably doesn’t exist! A harness for almost every type of activity at height, check out the HUGE ...

One of the most overlooked components to an electric hoist setup is the power supply. With many thinking that electric hoists come with a power cable like a computer, with single phase hoists this is the case. However with three phase industrial hoists this is not the case. There are reasons surrounding this, but the biggest reason is that most of the time these hoists are being incorporated as part of an existing system or crane system where there is already a supply in place or a specialist supply will be implemented. This is where Festoon Cable Systems provide the ultimate cost effective solution.

A Festoon System runs is essentially a cable management system which feeds power (and control if desired) to the hoist and manages the length when the hoist traverses to avoid any snagging or bunching which could get in the way of the hoist and cause damage as well as posing a risk to the operator. A section of c-rail is suspended from the top flange of the same beam that the ...

In any industry, whenever a lifting job needs to be performed, some type of lifting sling, which is used with a lifting device, is required to undertake a lifting operation. Lifting slings are used to attach loads to the lifting devices and they come in various forms with specific slings being considered appropriate to lift specific types of loads. Among the different lifting slings that are commonly used across diverse industries are disposable one-way slings, web slings, fibre rope slings, chain slings, wire rope slings, and round slings.

Disposable one-way slings are usually used to lift an object and load it into a vehicle. The slings are disposed once the object is removed from the vehicle and sent to the destination. Flat web slings are commonly made out of nylon as well as heavy-duty polyester, but polyester web slings are a better choice as they are not only resistant to certain acidic substances, but they also have lesser elasticity compared to their nylon counter...

Green Pin Shackles come highly recommended, favoured by riggers and those who are reliant on quality and reliability in tough conditions. The premium branded Lifting Shackles are manufactured in The Netherlands to the very highest standards.

Van Beest who manufacture the Green Pin range of shackles have been doing so for the past 90 years and continually invest in their processes and as well as in research and development of new and existing products for further refinement. Offering a range from 0.3T-1550T provides a scope for all application sizes, every Green Pin Shackle is fully CE compliant and shipped with certificate of conformity.

For further information on our range of Green Pin Shackles, please contact our friendly sales team or view the range here.

Engine Cranes are an essential tool for many automotive maintenance applications, not only this but engine cranes can be used in hundreds of applications from general purpose low-level lifting to workshop transportation. Engine Cranes are often referred to as Shop Cranes, Floor Cranes or Engine Hoists and are perfect for handling loads in tight difficult to access areas such as engine bays. Choosing the correct engine crane for you is essential, read this article where we explain the key differences in the cranes that we offer and the individual benefits they have. 

Steerman manufactures the highest quality machine moving equipment, as one of the worlds biggest Steerman distributors we've purchased a huge volume of Steerman HTJ Toe Jacks to bring you quite simply the worlds very best offer of its kind, it's unbeatable, unheard of and we're still stocked we managed to lock it in!

LES offers an extensive and unmatched range of furniture movers to suit every application up to 1800kg, our furniture moving dollies are built to the highest industrial quality to avoid damage to your precious furniture and machinery. Ideal for moving anything from a small washing machine to a large CNC machine.

These days domestic fridges and freezers are getting bigger and bigger whilst we see no signs of that slowing down in the commercial market either with large blast freezers and walk-in refrigerators becoming the norm. The real challenge though? Moving the beasts.

Previously, choosing an appropriate drum stacker to suit various drum types has been a nightmare. You handle steel, plastic and fibre drums on a daily basis and having three different stackers would not only be confusing for workers but also expensive and impractical. You pinpoint what appears to be a robust and sturdy stacker, but are quickly disappointed to find that it only lifts standard 55gallon steel drums. Finding that all-in-one solution has forever been a dream, well, now we've made it a reality!

Considering a new hoist? Unsure whether to make the jump from manual to electric? This article written by our Sales Exective; George Dunn, delves in to the basic advantages and disadvantages of both. 

Explore the differences and alternatives available, the considerations one should make and the potential concerns of making the wrong decision. Be sure to always think with longevity, safety and efficiency in mind.

LES recently had the pleasure of producing bespoke lifting accessories for a global market leader in the Aerospace industry. 

The main objective

Lifting and moving of Aircraft Tyres;
After careful and precise measuring a solution was formed and we could begin the procedure to get these Tyres off the ground and into the air! 
The customers’ requirements ‘landed' with us and we were more than willing to take upon the challenge to design and manufacture a bespoke solution to suit the needs and complete the customers repetitive task at hand.