The manual handling of drums can be awkward, inefficient and sometime rather dangerous, and Lifting Equipment Store supplies a range of drum handling equipment to make moving, turning, weighing or lifting a drum a lot easier. Our hydraulic drum trucks and lifters are designed for specific activities, like tipping, turning, loading and unloading, and we have plenty of models to choose between.

The Raptor DA40B Hydraulic Drum Stacker and Rotator guarantees a smooth, simple lift every time, and it can transport drums up to 55 gallons. This model uses a reliable and compact mechanism system to fix securely onto the drum, while it allows for vertical and horizontal locked positions.

The Raptor DT250 is suited to transporting and lifting 210 litre drums, while the locking mechanism grips to the top of the drum securely and safely. The DTW250 is another quality option and it’s ideal for unloading from Euro pallets. The spring loaded steel jaws provide a ...

Previously, choosing an appropriate drum stacker to suit various drum types has been a nightmare. You handle steel, plastic and fibre drums on a daily basis and having three different stackers would not only be confusing for workers but also expensive and impractical. You pinpoint what appears to be a robust and sturdy stacker, but are quickly disappointed to find that it only lifts standard 55gallon steel drums. Finding that all-in-one solution has forever been a dream, well, now we've made it a reality!