Thought you knew it all when it comes to Toe Jacks? We bet you didn't know our LES Rotational Toe Jacks are capable of this...


In this article we delve in to the depths of lifting jacks and toe jacks in particular as we explore 5 Things You Didn't Know About Rotational Toe Jacks.

Using tipping skips can be an essential addition to your work-space, be it either for indoor or outdoor usage. One of the most prevalent waste management tools found in nearly every house building project is a tipping skip, a small forklift skip for easy manipulation and transportation of supplies and waste on-site, usually to larger skips that are then regularly emptied.

While you will be able to discover a diverse type of design and manufacture choices in the market, you might often come across two of the most common varieties of the tipping skip – the auto or self-tipping skip and conventional forklift skip.

The standard tipping skip operates on the principle of a discharge lever. The skip is positioned on the forks of the forklift and manually appended by a safety chain. The release lever regulated by the driver allows for easy tipping and the return action of the ski...

Looking for the best-in-class all-round Electric Chain Hoist? 

Learn why the Yale CPV fits nearly every 'standard' industrial application. We understand that every application is different so accessorise and customise your Yale Chain Hoist to work for you and your team. Figure out the do's and don't of motorised hoists, what you need to know and consider before you make your first purchase and more.

Drum Handling Trolleys are a core essential when handling heavy storage cylinders whether steel or plastic. There's a huge number of them that make up the range we offer, but this blog will walk you through the basics of the operation and why our truck is the best 'essential' solution.

Drum Handling Equipment is constituted according to the standard quality and provides work as per the customers' specifications. Known for industrial features like durability, performance, and long life service. This type of material handling equipment can be bespoke designed as per the client’s choice and work needs or simply off-the-shelf. If a business requirement is the moving, warehousing, and pouring of goods contained in this holding item, the right equipment can make a huge difference in the company's success. Using the correct handling equipment will also enhance workflow and work...

Several injured and one still believed to be missing following an incident in East London where a tower crane collapsed on to residential homes.

A very real moment less than 12 hours before the beginning of #GLAD2020 (Global Lifting Awareness Day 2020).

Considering a new hoist? Unsure whether to make the jump from manual to electric? This article written by our Sales Exective; George Dunn, delves in to the basic advantages and disadvantages of both. 

Explore the differences and alternatives available, the considerations one should make and the potential concerns of making the wrong decision. Be sure to always think with longevity, safety and efficiency in mind.

The snow is back again but we're on it! Forget about clearing snow by hand, you're wasting your valuable time. But luckily us good guys at LES have a solution. No, we can't change the weather, but we can provide you with the right ammunition for the battle. Learn why we made the wise investment in purchasing one of our hottest products right now and why you should follow suit.

Why is ISO 9001 significant for you as a customer?

ISO 9001 was recognised around the world as a set standard for Quality management systems (QMS). It is the most vastly used QMS standard on the globe because of its highly set standards which have high customer satisfaction benefits. Millions of licences have been issued to industries all over the world. This represents how the business you’re buying goods/services from have been recognised to hold all of the traits for excellent service and consistent product satisfaction. Companies offer a ISO certified training programme for businesses to send their employee’s to. Here at LES we have sent our employee’s to be trained which provides them with the correct way to help run a business to make it as efficient as possible with giving the best possible outcome of customer service.

ISO’s benefits are as follow...

Selecting a trustworthy lifting equipment supplier is important, always ensure you are buying from a well known retailer that will supply relevant certifications and documentation with any rated equipment. Branded items such as Yale, Raptor, Steerman, Tiger, Kito etc. and all brands sold by Lifting Equipment Store are complete with relevant documentation or certification where required.

You may think choosing a lifting sling is as easy as choosing what sandwich you will eat for lunch today, you're wrong. Choosing a suitable lifting sling involves several factors which are outlined in this article, factors that is not considered could cause serious consiquences, learn the difference between slings and how they hold up against their rivals.

Lifting magnets are ideal for lifting and transporting loads from one location to another and can be controlled locally or remotely, this blog will provide a few essential notes of advice on selecting a lifting magnet.

Lifting Equipment Store offers every type of GreenPin Shackle on today’s market. Our Dee and Bow shackles are Dutch manufactured to the highest standards, while we can provide a specific design for a specific application. In most cases, a chain or Dee shackle is used on one-leg systems, while an anchor or bow shackle is mainly used on multi-leg systems. Our range of GreenPin shackles stretch from 0.33 Tonnes to 1500 Tonnes.

The GreenPin polar shackles are designed for use in extreme climatic conditions, while we have ROV and spring release options available, depending on our clients’ individual requirements. No matter what type we supply, it’s advised that the pin is correctly screwed into the ‘eye’ and hand tightened using a suitable tool.  Side loads should ideally be avoided (as the rated load will be reduced), while a bow shackle must be assembled with the slings in the body, and the hook connected with the pin. It’s also ve...