Following our new distribution partnership with Armorgard, here at Lifting Equipment Store UK, we would like to take this opportunity to discuss the importance of hazardous substance storage, and provide you with some easy to remember tips and tricks to ensure that you’re storing your chemicals, in turn, guaranteeing the safety of your onsite personnel – afterall, your safety is always the priority.



Storing hazardous chemicals, flammable substances and harmful gases is subject to many strict policies and regulations. Let’s face it, at the end of the day, you and your employees health and safety is at serious risk.

Legally, many substances can be stored on site, many must be stored outside, and quantity limits are often imposed. It can seem a complicated subject. But we would stress that research will always pay dividends. Don’t hesitate to seek advice. Why not take a moment to check out

Hydraulic lifting equipment is a mainstay in most industrial workplaces and warehouses, and at the Lifting Equipment Store, we stock a number of tools that utilise hydraulic technology to make your life easier. Hydraulics are operated via pumps, using oil solutions and pistons to apply and distribute pressure either with or without the use of external power sources.

In this article, we will break down everything you need to know about the various different hydraulic tools that we offer, so you can better understand the technology as a whole, as well as knowing which tools might come in handy in your workplace specifically.

As always, if you’re not feeling confident by the end of this read, feel free to get in touch with us here, and a member of our team will explain anything you need to know. And without further ado, let’s start by looking at the base of all hydraulics, the hydraulic cylinder!


Hydraulic ...

Have you ever asked yourself questions that are along the lines of ‘Why we need fall arrest harnesses?’ or ‘What's the difference between this version compared to other harnesses?’ 

Whether you have or maybe you've started a new project where you've been advised you will need a fall arrest harness, or any harness, you've landed in the right place. 

If at any point in this article you've got questions on how any of the variations of this safety equipment can help you, please contact a regularly trained member of the LES team who will be happy to help guide you on products that will provide an effective solution for you. 

Let's start off by uncovering the basics around this particular piece of on-person equipment by asking the question... 

What are Fall Arrest Harnesses?

When you are working above ground, your personal safety is ev...

Using tipping skips can be an essential addition to your work-space, be it either for indoor or outdoor usage. One of the most prevalent waste management tools found in nearly every house building project is a tipping skip, a small forklift skip for easy manipulation and transportation of supplies and waste on-site, usually to larger skips that are then regularly emptied.

While you will be able to discover a diverse type of design and manufacture choices in the market, you might often come across two of the most common varieties of the tipping skip – the auto or self-tipping skip and conventional forklift skip.

The standard tipping skip operates on the principle of a discharge lever. The skip is positioned on the forks of the forklift and manually appended by a safety chain. The release lever regulated by the driver allows for easy tipping and the return action of the ski...

Looking for the best-in-class all-round Electric Chain Hoist? 

Learn why the Yale CPV fits nearly every 'standard' industrial application. We understand that every application is different so accessorise and customise your Yale Chain Hoist to work for you and your team. Figure out the do's and don't of motorised hoists, what you need to know and consider before you make your first purchase and more.

Several injured and one still believed to be missing following an incident in East London where a tower crane collapsed on to residential homes.

A very real moment less than 12 hours before the beginning of #GLAD2020 (Global Lifting Awareness Day 2020).

The terms fall arrest and fall restraint are often used as similar aspects of the fall protection system. However, it needs to be noted that fall arrest systems and fall restraint systems promote two different types of fall protection functions. A fall arrest system works by preventing a worker from falling down after a fall incident has already taken place. On the other hand, a fall restraint system prevents a worker from getting close to a potential hazard.

In most circumstances, fall arrest systems prove to be more useful that fall restraint systems. With fall arrest systems, workers can access hard-to-reach places and perform their duties well. With fall restraint systems, such as guardrails, workers often find it difficult to access difficult locations on the site and this may come in their way of successful project accomplishment. However, workers need formal training to be able to use fall arrest systems in an appropriate manner.

The training is meant to e...

Industrial settings that use steel sheets as part of their operations may need special types of equipment to transport the steel sheets from one location to the other. While the same job can sometimes be done manually by engaging several workmen, the approach may invite serious issues in terms of hazards. Additionally, it will also require the employer to invest additional amounts for the purchase of employee-safety gear. Some sheets will be large and they need to be supported from both the sides during transportation and under such cases, the operations become more efficient if manual labour is replaced by the use of lifting devices.

Plate clamps, plate hooks, and magnets are the three main devices that are commonly used to lift steel sheets. Plate clamps appear in three designs that promote the lifting of steel sheets in vertical, horizontal, and specific positions. Usually two or more plate clamps are used together and they are sometimes complemented by the use of a spr...

Jib Cranes can be tricky to understand how to use, we offer a range of training courses designed to provide on-site operator education which in turn prevents accidents and injuries. Take a quick look at this post to understand a few of the key factors involved in Jib Crane safety.

Selecting a trustworthy lifting equipment supplier is important, always ensure you are buying from a well known retailer that will supply relevant certifications and documentation with any rated equipment. Branded items such as Yale, Raptor, Steerman, Tiger, Kito etc. and all brands sold by Lifting Equipment Store are complete with relevant documentation or certification where required.

The answer is “Yes”. According to the mandates enforced by the Safety And Health Administrations, employers are responsible for providing fall protection training to the workers whose scope of work is associated with a high probability of fall hazard. Employers are required to deliver training that will not only educate workers about the ways by which they can recognise fall hazards, but will also provide information on the processes that can be deployed to minimise such hazards. Besides, the fall protection training should also be designed to ensure that the workers acquire adequate practical knowledge on equipment inspection, equipment erection as well as disassembly, and equipment maintenance.

Notably, with changes in working conditions, a particular training program may become obsolete and in those cases, employers should organize new training programs to help workers to safely adapt to new conditions and use fall protection equipment in the recommended man...

You may think choosing a lifting sling is as easy as choosing what sandwich you will eat for lunch today, you're wrong. Choosing a suitable lifting sling involves several factors which are outlined in this article, factors that is not considered could cause serious consiquences, learn the difference between slings and how they hold up against their rivals.