Have you ever heard of sack trucks? If you haven’t, this article will tell you all about them.

You've likely seen them being used before at some point in your life as they're a really common piece of equipment. You can expect to see them mainly used for short trips of manual moving heavy items - so places such as warehouses or if you're moving house and there are heavier items that you need to get from one room to the vehicle. 

In this article, we're going to look at what this equipment is, why they exist and their main purpose, advantages you can get from having one, and safety precautions to consider taking when you're using them.

If you have any further questions you can contact a member of the LES team who will be more than happy to help you find the ideal solution for your company.

Let's start with the simple question of... 

What are sack trucks?

You'll find that this item is also referred to as hand trucks, are designed to transport heavy items using a ledge on two wheels. It has handles so you can easily push the load and there are various capacities to accommodate the items you are transporting.

Also, they make the process of moving awkward items easier by supporting the shape, size, and weight of the product without overloading the person operating the truck.

What's the purpose of this heavy loading manual mover? 

Sack trucks are an essential piece of equipment for manual handling tasks.

Their main purpose is to transport different loads from one area to another.

Load capacities can vary so you can choose which version is ideal for your particular industry or load.

How and where to use them

When transporting heavy bulky loads across your workplace, these handy maneuvering pieces of equipment can be the ideal solution.

They are relevantly simple in design, but they can handle a lot of weight which makes it easier for you and your workers to transport loads. Using this item is always a safer option than moving the load manually yourself.

Another added benefit is that they can potentially decrease extreme stress on yours and the operators body, and they are designed to help make the transportation process easier.

How do you operate them?

Before you operate this item, or any piece of equipment for that matter, we always recommend that you please check the brakes (if the version you’re using has this feature), please check that the wheels are moving properly, and your truck(s) are in good condition.

We will always recommend that you inspect any equipment to avoid any injury or damage from occurring with your equipment. 

Before loading, it is essential that you also find out the weight restrictions for that specific truck and decide whether you need to take additional measures to secure what you’re transporting to the sack truck itself. You may need to strap in your load to keep it secure.

Finally, it’s a great idea to assess the area you’ll be moving across before starting since this manual maneuver tool can adapt to different terrain depending on which wheels your models may have.

Benefits you can get from using one

Several advantages come with purchasing a sack truck and that is why it is a popular piece of equipment to buy. Let's look at a number of them together. 

All the versions are robust and built to last so that you can carry loads with ease and you can get a number of them that are foldable which makes them great for storage. If your industry has flights of stairs, then that is where this item can accommodate that.

You'll find that depending on the version you get, one might have an aluminum frame while the other will have a steel frame. The difference is in the weight of the specific model. Regardless of which version you go for, steel or aluminum, you can potentially carry more than one item at once.

Using one of these products can save you time when taking to transport each item, enhancing productivity where you work and for the wider team as well. The great feature of this product and all its variations are easy to use, with a basic ‘L-shaped’ design to make the process of using one simple and safe.

All you need to do to operate a sack truck is gently lift the item, so it slots onto the sheet of metal, attaches any extra rope, bungee ties, or string to keep the item secured to the trolley, and slowly lift it backward (roughly 45°) until it’s resting on the backboard and arms of the truck.

At this point, it can be pushed forward or pulled back to your desired location. It really doesn’t get any easier than this!

Hopefully, the various reasons above have given you an insight into how they could make transporting loads easier from your industry.

Does your company need sack trucks?

You should by now have a better understanding of what this item can do for you and the advantages they can bring to your company.

If your business is involved in the constant manual moving of items, it's likely you will benefit from using this item. 

A great advantage of sack trucks is that they go with a number of other items as well. If you want to find out more about how these items can help you, please contact a regularly trained member of the LES team where they will be more than happy to help guide you through your options.