Electric chain hoists are employed for lifting or lowering material in commercial construction and industrial environments.

An electric motor and controller are utilised for lifting, lowering, and accelerating or decelerating the hoist's speed. Electric hoists are perfect for industrial production lines and small machine workshops where more frequent and faster lifting is needed.

Also popular on construction sites are electric as well as manual chain hoists but the Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist is better suited for construction use since the supply voltage is available in 110v.

On a quick side note, there are also manual chain hoists that can potentially be a better fit for your situation if the electric version is not ticking all the right boxes. We put together an in-depth article titled 'Wondering if you need manual chain hoists? Here's everything you need to know' where we highlight all the benefits so you can get an idea for if they can solve your challenge. 

There are numerous benefits to purchasing an electric chain hoist and we're going to delve into a number of them in this article. 

They are economical in maintenance, more inexpensive than wire rope hoists, and they are fairly lightweight given their capabilities. Having a lightweight hoist enables the owner to relocate equipment when needed quickly.

Typically, abilities that change a process frequently or install a crane system for a process that will be practiced temporarily, this item is the most competent choice because it can easily be transported from one location to another.

All chain hoists present actual vertical lift, meaning the load does not alter from the hoist centerline during hoisting or lowering. It's important to note this, as the hoist cannot be used in such versatile applications as a wire rope winch might be, that being said- there are plenty of reasons to choose a chain hoist over a winch, and vice versa but lets leave that for another time. We're here to talk chain.

However, most people assume that this lifting gear is a stock item, and the lowest cost is the best option.

This theory is wrong.

People will obtain an Electric chain hoist based on cost, not realising that a lot can go haywire one if it is utilised in the wrong application, or exposed to an ecosystem that it was not designed for the particular low cost budget model.

Things to consider before purchasing a hoist

  1. Weight of load: First, it is imperative to determine the maximum weight that you intend to lift, including lifting, supporting, and positioning rigging such as chains and shackles. This will help assist in factors such as choosing the correct model and for example, if your requirement is to carry more than 10 tonnes of weight or a load at higher frequency, then an electric wire rope hoist is perfect for your business, and for lesser than that, a chain hoist is fitting.
  2. Speed of Lift: Classifying lift speed is necessary to load goods. If you require a specialist inverter driven lifting speed, an electric wire rope hoist is the perfect choice. They can perform further lifts per hour, while fitting your requirements for extremely sensitive control over the load.
  3. The duty cycle required: How frequently will the hoist be running per day? How long does one cycle of the hoist last through its use? Many versions of this hoist are unable to dissipate the heat from the motors easily, so the duty cycle is essential to consider prior to purchase. Too low and you'll cook your motor pretty quickly and be faced with an unwelcoming bill.
  4. The lifting height (Height of Lift or HOL): To store excess slack load chain the Electric Chain Hoist can feature an optional chain container. The higher the height then, the bigger the chain container will be. If it is too big, it may be an impediment of what you are lifting if it is required to go close to the hoist. If it is beyond 'normal' that will be required, then you should also consider the duty cycle and speed of the hoist.
  5. The available voltage choices for the hoist: A higher duty cycle hoist will not run off of single-phase voltage. You will require to purchase a three-phase hoist, so make sure you have sufficient power in the building or site for your hoist.
  6. The warranty covered: Obtaining a hoist out of a catalogue because it is economical is not always your most desirable deal. Warranty needs to be acknowledged because it can assist you down the road immensely. Don't just look for a warranty length, either. Read the finer print- what's included? There are manufacturers that will provide you with a lifetime warranty on their machine. But if you understand that fine print, that lifetime warranty only pertains to certain components of the hoist and typically does not involve labour to repair it. We encourage you to find a dealer who is authorised by a reputable brand (we are authorised distributors and repairs of Columbus McKinnon brands- Yale, Lodestar, Stahl, Pfaff etc.) that can efficiently service the hoist, and pick a hoist that has a substantial warranty with labour included in any warranty repairs.

Why Yale Electric Chain Hoists are the Best

The Yale CPV motorised chain hoist is the best in class; Yale set the very high standard for electric hoists when designing the CPV. Impeccable quality, endurance, and impressively aesthetically pleasing.

The hoist was designed by keeping simplicity and safety in mind, and the user demands are for a competitively priced, excellent quality with arbitrary single or dual speed performance and hoisting limit switches as standard. The hoist has the capability to be suspended in various universal ways from the top hook to an electric travel trolley that gives motor-driven lateral traverse technique.

It is pertinent to mention when ordering a CPV hoist, there are many decisions you can specify from hoisting speed and height of lift to voltage (some models only) and pendant control length. We can state that every aspect of this hoist is customisable to accommodate market needs. You can even accessories with radio control systems, weather covers and Stainless Steel load chains.

The hoist unit is robustly created to withstand knocks and general environment abrasion. This industrial hoist boasts low voltage control at just 42v for added safety, 50% duty cycle for single speed hoists- so the user can use the hoist for a rather extended period without the motor overheating as well as easy to switch components for friendly maintenance.

Another function is that the slipping clutch is fully adjustable from the exterior, devised to ensure a permanent connection between the brake and the load. IP55 level of electrical insulation assurance protects against dust and water jets making this hoist ideal for employment in areas where there are very light levels of dust and water. Ideally if working outdoors, the hoist can be protected with an optional weather jacket and parked under a shelter when not in use, this will provide the best longevity as naturally seals break down and corrode over time especially in salty air if the hoist is quayside- preventative maintenance will help push the hoist to its maximum lifespan in harsher environments.



Key features include:

  • Upper & Lower Limit Switches
  • 42v low voltage pendant control rated to IP65
  • Externally adjustable slipping clutch
  • Hoist motor to IP55
  • Easily removable chain sprocket and guide
  • Fitted with high quality European load chain
  • Oil bath lubricated gearbox with case hardened helical cut gears for smooth and quiet running and to further the hoist life span
  • Optional rain protection jackets available upon request
  • Optional Stainless Steel load chain upon request
  • Optional high speed units up to 20m/min available upon request

All in all the Yale CPV version is a fantastic all-round motorised lifting machine that will provide true efficient and effective service in demanding industrial environments. The hoist performs everyday lifts with capacities up to 5,000kg, completely customisable and available with a range of suspension types. Talk to our team today and learn more about electric chain hoists based upon our team members' years of experience in supplying heavy duty lifting gear of this type.