The George Taylor 1800 Kg Hydraulic Furniture Mover promotes easy transportation of objects, allowing you to move loads in a safe and efficient manner. This set of hydraulic furniture mover slides smoothly under safes, machinery, cupboards, and containers and this is what makes it a highly preferred option to facilitate lifting and transportation operations.

The device comes equipped with a hydraulic lift system that can lift up to 1800kg of load and notably, it can even raise the load up to a height of 250 mm from the ground. Each hydraulic mover features two 6-inch poly wheels that have the capability to move the load smoothly across flat surfaces. Notably, the equipment comes with handles that promote easy management.

The best part is that the George Taylor 1800Kg Hydraulic Furniture Mover straps can be adjusted to match the needs of specific applications. These devices are designed to save a lot of labour and you can use them to move objects that you previously moved using forklifts and other expensive heavy lifting gear. This equipment proves to be particularly useful for delivery companies and personnel who need to undertake maintenance and assembly applications.

The George Taylor Hydraulic Furniture Mover is sold as a set of two units that feature support rails. The device comes with powder coated finish and comes equipped with heavy duty wheels with ball bearings. Additionally, the wheels are made of polyurethane which makes them a perfect non-marking option to be used on carpeted flooring.

What’s most important is that the hydraulic furniture mover is very easy to operate and all you need to do is to place the lifting plates below the items that need to be moved. Next, you need to fasten the securing straps, then simply raise the movers to an equal height on both the sides by pumping the hydraulic jacks which are located at the top of each unit, check and adjust the straps if necessary and then move the object by pushing the unit along by hand. It’s as easy as that! 

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