Choosing an Electric Chain Hoist for the first time might seem a little daunting initially. That's why we've put together this helpful blog to steer you into the right direction and to help identify the correct type of powered hoist for your job. Read more to learn more...

Hydraulic cylinders support manifold commercial and industrial operations. In fact, we often come across hydraulics in our daily lives. For example, the truck that collects trash features the hydraulic technology that can compress trash at the back of the vehicle. Recycling plants make use of hydraulic cylinders to squeeze fragmented metal and other substances. The hydraulic technology is used in flights to regulate mechanisms associated with flaps and landing gear. Besides, hydraulic systems are widely used in other industries such as mining, oil & gas, road maintenance & repair, material handling, and forestry.

A hydraulic cylinder works on a very simple principle. The cylinder barrel contains oil or some type of fluid. The barrel has a piston mounted inside it and it can be made to move in a linear route. The piston extends or retracts when force is exerted on the fluid. Hydraulic cylinders are designed taking into account the applications that they have to supp...

A hydraulic system typically consists of hydraulic cylinders, pipes, and hydraulic fluid. The system, which can be used to lift heavy objects with ease, works on a very simple principle. When you apply force at one point of the system, it gets transmitted to another point through the hydraulic fluid. Normally, hydraulic cylinders come in pairs and are connected through a pipe. The cylinders, which should ideally stand perpendicularly to the pipe, have different diameters. The cylinders are partially filled with hydraulic fluid with oil being the most common option.

The empty space in the partially-filled cylinders allows the pistons to function. One cylinder will have a piston that will be larger than the piston in the other cylinder. At first, fluid is pushed into the compartment of the small piston and after the application of force, the fluid, which is incompressible, is pushed into the compartment of the big piston. This process promotes the movement of the big piston....

Why is ISO 9001 significant for you as a customer?

ISO 9001 was recognised around the world as a set standard for Quality management systems (QMS). It is the most vastly used QMS standard on the globe because of its highly set standards which have high customer satisfaction benefits. Millions of licences have been issued to industries all over the world. This represents how the business you’re buying goods/services from have been recognised to hold all of the traits for excellent service and consistent product satisfaction. Companies offer a ISO certified training programme for businesses to send their employee’s to. Here at LES we have sent our employee’s to be trained which provides them with the correct way to help run a business to make it as efficient as possible with giving the best possible outcome of customer service.

ISO’s benefits are as follow...

Unsure on the right Genie Lifter for your job? Here's what you need to know!

We've compared the whole SLA (Superlift Advantage) range- Specifications, Functionality and Price are all key considerations when making a long-term investment into one of the industries most commonly hired tools! A must-read article before purchasing your Genie Superlift Advantage Material Lift.

Engine Cranes are an essential tool for many automotive maintenance applications, not only this but engine cranes can be used in hundreds of applications from general purpose low-level lifting to workshop transportation. Engine Cranes are often referred to as Shop Cranes, Floor Cranes or Engine Hoists and are perfect for handling loads in tight difficult to access areas such as engine bays. Choosing the correct engine crane for you is essential, read this article where we explain the key differences in the cranes that we offer and the individual benefits they have. 

The snow is back again but we're on it! Forget about clearing snow by hand, you're wasting your valuable time. But luckily us good guys at LES have a solution. No, we can't change the weather, but we can provide you with the right ammunition for the battle. Learn why we made the wise investment in purchasing one of our hottest products right now and why you should follow suit.

These days domestic fridges and freezers are getting bigger and bigger whilst we see no signs of that slowing down in the commercial market either with large blast freezers and walk-in refrigerators becoming the norm. The real challenge though? Moving the beasts.

Choosing a manual pallet stacker might seem a daunting task at first, after all, we've got so many listed here on our website that no wonder you might feel this way- well, you shouldn't because we're here to cut the cake and break down the jargon!

Planning a lift and choosing the correct load link might seem daunting at first, with endless choices on the market and countless features from wired to wireless, displays and software, data logging solutions and more, it's no wonder you might be confused at first. This article explores the Straightpoint load link range, their unique functionalities and intended uses as well as the best ways to monitor your loads from close or afar.

Considering a new hoist? Unsure whether to make the jump from manual to electric? This article written by our Sales Exective; George Dunn, delves in to the basic advantages and disadvantages of both. 

Explore the differences and alternatives available, the considerations one should make and the potential concerns of making the wrong decision. Be sure to always think with longevity, safety and efficiency in mind.

Traditional fixed position lifting rings and eyebolts are a thing of the past. Advanced engineering and innovative designs have led riggers to gravitate to a newer more advanced lifting point. Learn more about how Rotational Lifting Points and Swivel Lifting Rings can help you reduce risk whilst making light work of a heavy load. Here's why you should switch from standard eyebolts.