Choosing the correct Engine Crane or Shop Crane for the job is essential. Pick the wrong one and you risk under-doing it, or even just spending more than you need. This is why we've decided it was a good decision to give an overview explaining the pro's and con's to our range, the differences and benefits so that you can make the ultimate decision without hesitation.

When lifting any load the first thing to consider is the weight, most standard engines weigh less than 200kg, however, we understand that many of our customers choose us to provide products for the most specialised applications and that a standard engine is sometimes out of the question. For that, we offer larger capacity engine hoists up to 2,000kg and even 5,000kg on special request.

Raptor Foldable Workshop/Engine Crane- An ideal entry-level ergonomically designed workshop crane with a bunch of standard features you won't find on your average budget Floor Crane such as a manoeuvring handle, V-shaped chassis and high-quality steel construction- all at a great price. The Raptor engine cranes start at 500kg and go up to 2,000kg lifting capacity, offering something to suit nearly every standard application. Three lifting positions (1290mm being the longest) and a 360-degree swivelling hook also give this crane an added flexible bonus.

Steerman EC 1,000kg Standard Folding Portable Engine Crane- filling the requirement for a premium entry level floor crane, by this what we mean is that the Steerman EC Engine Crane offers a superb quality standardised design Available in only one capacity (1,000kg), with a reach up to 1020mm, this particular crane offers five lifting positions, a notch up from the Raptor model above. Available with fast delivery from UK stock, this truly is a bestseller.

Pfaff Silberblau HWK/KLS V-Shaped and Parallel Engine Cranes- Our most robust unit, built with a heavy-duty design, the Pfaff Engine Lift combines all the standard features you will find on some our other engine cranes such as a steering handle and 360 degrees rotating hook, but also with some added benefits such as an innovative hydraulic lifting system that can rotate for access from any side, optional V-shaped or Parallel chassis frame to fit around a Euro pallet (85mm internal width) and a convenient parking brake to prevent a load from unintentionally rolling away for added safety when you need it most- just imagine you've removed the mighty V10 engine of a Lamborghini, that's the last thing you want to see rolling away down that one sloped bit of ground you forgot about in the workshop! For applications that demand the best- the Pfaff HWK/KLS range fits the bill.

For further information and advice on our versatile range of Engine Cranes and Workshop Hoists please feel free to contact a member of our sales team who will be happy to assist you.