We supply lifting shackles for all applications to suit a wide variety of needs, with a focus on quality as well as price. Our aim is to provide robust, high-quality products which represent real value and we believe that our range does just this. Have a look through our selection and find the products which best meet your requirements.

We supply a thorough range of equipment, including bow shackles, dee shackles and safety pin shackles. This list is in no way exhaustive and we have plenty of product choices available for a variety of needs. If there’s ever anything you need that you can’t find on our website, just ask as we are often able to source products via our wide network of business contacts.

Our shackles come in varieties from 0.33 Tonnes to 1,500 Tonnes. They meet with all the important industry standards, like British Standard 3032, EN 13889 and DIN 82101. Specialist requirements can be met, and we can even provide shackles that are suitable for temperatures and low as -40°C. We can supply in bulk, to destinations across the world.

Our standard bow shackles are a popular option and come with a blue screw pin. They are made using grade 6 high tensile steel which is quenched and tempered. They meet with the W.L.L requirements of EN 13889, from sizes 0.33 Tonnes to 25 Tonnes. They also meet the W.L.L requirements of US Fed Spec RR C 271. They have a hot dipped galvanised finish and feature the manufacturer’s mark, so you know that you’re getting a genuine product.

If what you’re looking for is a Dee shackle, we have a wide range available. The standard version also uses grade 6 high tensile steel and features the manufacturer’s mark. The sizes catered for here are 0.5 Tonnes up to 25 Tonnes.

The range we have is vast and varied and products will meet with the legal specifications of many different countries. There are options with green pins and safety pins and we endeavour to meet all industry needs with our range.

We can provide advice and support for customers at any time, whether you’ve already made a purchase or you’re considering buying products from us for the first time. Call us on 01384 567430 or fill in the form on our contact page.

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