A safety harnesses can often be the difference between life and death, and that’s why the Lifting Equipment Store provides leading quality harnesses from the market leader Tractel. Their harnesses are designed for specific applications, including basic roof working, Pylon work, scaffolding, industrial maintenance, pruning and rigging. The Tractel Group constantly test and adjust their harnesses to benefit the comfort of the user and allow maximum functionality.

The Popular Tractel HT22 Safety Harness

This harness is one of our best sellers, and it benefits from customisable features at an affordable price. This entry level harness features five adjustment points to ensure a secure, comfortable and safe fit, yet it’s light too so you’ll hardly know that you’re wearing it. This quality harness conforms to EN 361 and quick release auto buckles can be included for your convenience.

The Elastrac Range


The TCB chain blocks from Tiger range from 500kg – 30,000kg, but whatever version you decide on you’re guaranteed a lightweight, compact, rugged steel body construction that’s perfect for the off-shore industry.

This chain block is designed to provide long term use with less maintenance, while it exceeds all international safety standards. The twin pawl brake works instantly when the operation is stopped, so loads can be lowered comfortably, allowing for precise processes. The hand chain wheel cover and the ratchet brake cover are both designed to offer a good amount of protection to the brake chamber.

The load chains that come with our Tiger units are manufactured using high quality alloy, but stainless steel chains can be provided too. The alloy hooks are drop forged and dry heated, while the he swivel hooks are attached to the yoke using high grade nuts and bolts allowing for easy inspection. High performance premium quality grease ...

Yale is one of the leading suppliers of electric wire rope winches, and the RPE range has been specifically designed to deliver maximum safety, performance and efficiency. These allow for individual applications in almost any position thanks to its practical and compact tube design, but there are plenty of other benefits.

The internal brake motor allows for a compact outside unit, while the spring pressure brake is incorporated into the motor, so the winch will hold the load even when power fails. It’s also protected from overloading thanks to the fitted adjustable clip, which comes as standard on the 10-6 model. The plain drum rope is supplied as standard with all of the models, and this is secured to the drum in a recess so that the rope can be wound around in several layers without causing any damage.

All RPE models from Yale feature a spur gear transmission with a helical first gear to guarantee a smooth and easy motion, while it’s lubricated...

The super lightweight Pewag Winner Pro G12 makes assembly easier for the end user, and the profile of the chain improves bending resistance.

The intelligent profile offers 50% higher working limits than that of equivalent Grade 8 chains but it has a rugged style, and it’s coated in a vivid light blue, making it visible in the poorest conditions. With high wear resistance and less abrasion, the chain is one of the most dependable on the market, and it uses a patent-registered material with optimised strength and toughness properties in high and low temperatures.


Shorteners can be added to allow the end-user to shorten legs based upon the load or slings, while all assemblies can be fitted with clevis or eye type components depending on your individual requirements. Each and every Pewag Winner Pro G12 chin sling system we supply is stamped with an identification mark so that the whole production process can be tracked. The Pewag Pro G12 is one...

The Ultralift Plus Lifting Magnet

Eclipse Magnetics has well over 100 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high performance magnetic systems, and Lifting Equipment Store is regularly supplying Ultralift Plus magnets for safe lifting. The smallest unit can grip up to 125kg while the largest can lift up to 2000kg, and each magnet benefits from exceptional performance to weight ratio. The Plus range uses high-energy neodymium magnets to lift loads steadily, whilst its simple operation makes it ideal for one person operations.

The Ultralift Plus range is the only permanently magnetic lifting magnet to include a ‘safety shim’, allowing the user to undertake a test prior to the lift. The interlock mechanism also improves safety once under load, preventing the operating handle from being moved to the ‘off’ position. This smart mechanism works by identifying the tension and locking the handle accordingly. Much like our other Ultral...

Lifting Equipment Store offers every type of GreenPin Shackle on today’s market. Our Dee and Bow shackles are Dutch manufactured to the highest standards, while we can provide a specific design for a specific application. In most cases, a chain or Dee shackle is used on one-leg systems, while an anchor or bow shackle is mainly used on multi-leg systems. Our range of GreenPin shackles stretch from 0.33 Tonnes to 1500 Tonnes.

The GreenPin polar shackles are designed for use in extreme climatic conditions, while we have ROV and spring release options available, depending on our clients’ individual requirements. No matter what type we supply, it’s advised that the pin is correctly screwed into the ‘eye’ and hand tightened using a suitable tool.  Side loads should ideally be avoided (as the rated load will be reduced), while a bow shackle must be assembled with the slings in the body, and the hook connected with the pin. It’s also ve...

Round Slings Manufactured in the UK

Simple flat web slings are made from 100% polyester, a strong durable material which also has benefits that a chain or wire rope cannot offer due to its type of material, fabric slings are much softer and lighter than chain or wire rope. Simple soft webbing slings will not scratch or dent your load, neither will it rust or weaken with age (unless subject to corrosive environments). A webbing sling also includes reinforced becket style eyes (other eye styles are available upon request). All slings colour co-ordinated to indicate the safe working load or capacity.

Round slings are even softer than flat webbing slings and does offer reassurance to cause less damage to your load (if any at all) so it’s perfectly suited to lift smooth or polished objects. Even though they look weak a round sling is very strong, and features very low stretch and it’s the most cost effective sling on the market right now! They come in ...

For those that follow our blog posts, we apologise for the recent lack in uploading blog posts, this has been due to the large increase in sales that we are experiencing. Thank you to all those who have supported us in the past and continue to do so with your repeat custom.

We are eternally grateful.

Our aim is to stay on top and in order for us to do this we will be requiring a new part time member of staff with a good knowledge of websites, SEO etc. This job will be totally flexible and will not require you to work the same hours our office does, working from home is fine. About 10-20 hours per week would be ideal.

All ages and abilities welcome- don’t be shy!!! Send your C.V and a letter of application to our email address and we will consider your application.

This last month has seen us venture in to some really exciting projects and industries such as supplying the MOD with new hoists, exporting cranes to Nigeria to help maintain p...

Pewag 2 Leg Chain Sling With Self Locking Hooks

Our services go beyond just the items we supply online and the basic specifications, if you have something out of the ordinary the chances are we can help you. All of our Chain Slings and Lifting Chains are made to order and we can custom manufacture your chains to the precise specifications of your design and incorporate specialist end fittings such as Container Lifting Lugs, Shackles, Chokes, Grabs and much more.

At this current time we only offer grade 8 chains for sale online however we do offer grade 10 and 12 Pewag Lifting Chains offline so please feel free to call for prices. Each assembly is provided with a certificate of conformity and a copy of the safe instructions for loading.

Lifting Equipment Store ship Lifting Sling Assemblies worldwide and can arrange shipping and export paperwork on any order to any country!

Our prices are competitive but do not be fooled- we only supply the ...

Lifting Equipment Store are experts when it comes to supplying Electric Chain Hoist to Nigeria and Africa and have been successfully doing so for over 3 years.

Our fully comprehensive range of electric chain hoists are available in various voltages and formats to suit the southern hemisphere.

We understand that you need your products urgently and that is why we offer our express air freight service on all of our electric chain hoists. Providing your funds have cleared we have the ability to get your hoist to Nigeria and other African countries within 48 hours, now that’s fast!

Our export team takes care of every stage of shipping up to the destination and even handles the import charges upon request. We offer cost effective insurance policies to protect your Electric Chain Hoist while in transit as well as our bespoke export packing service that offers secure ISPM 15 Heat Treated wooden packing crates to securely transport your hoist across the gl...

Bottle Jacks are a type of universal jacking device that can be used in a countless number of lifting applications and are most commonly found in car boots to help one change a tyre roadside. The compact dimensions make them ideal for including in automotive tool kits and easy to store.

The Bottle Jack operates by lifting a steel ram with hydraulic pressure that is built up in the cylinder by operating the hand pump, as this raises the cylinder the load will be lifted. In order to insert the jack there must be sufficient clearance, should this be limited a Toe Jack might be a good alternative option.

There are so many types of Bottle Jacks on todays market and we offer one to suit every budget, big or small. Our best selling range is the Yale brand which are manufactured from top quality materials and are built to stand up to intense operation. The Yale range offers Bottle Jacks with a capacity up to 50 Tonnes which makes them ideal for all types of applicat...

Export to many means by sea, in a large shipping container with a long delivery time. Not to us. Export to us also means FAST. And by fast we mean Air Freight Export.

Our specialist export team are fully competent when it comes to air freight of goods on a global scale. Many customers require goods urgently and more often then not the case is that they would actually have liked the goods yesterday! This is where we can assist your company in saving time and money.

Many customers believe that they are saving money by using their own freight forwarders when in fact they are losing out! Having to arrange your own freight can be a costly event in time and money, especially if you do not export regularly, then freight companies try to take advantage of you by charging higher rates.

TNT Air Cargo Loading

When our team handle exports we only ship on the best price, we use a handful of well established freight companies which we use on a regular...

Many of our orders are processed for export by our team of fully experienced sales staff who deal in the export of our goods on a daily basis.

When choosing us for your Lifting Equipment export requirements be assured that you are getting the very best prices. We use up to five different freight companies to quote for your shipping needs via air, sea, road or train. Lifting Equipment Store promises to offer the most competitive export rates.

Our services go beyond simply arranging collection of goods, we also take care of specialist packing requests if required such as heat treated pallet boxes for deep sea and air freight of heavy goods.

Certificates of Origin, attested invoices and customs clearance are also just some of the export services we provide.

For more information of our fully comprehensive Lifting Equipment Export Service please contact the sales team.

110v and 230v single phase electric chain hoists are only available from A handful of manufacturers at a higher price than normal three phase options.units with one phase are usually sold into the hire market for use on building sites and residential areas where three phase power supply is not available.

There are several complications that can occur when choosing a single phase hoist, a couple things to consider are the distance the hoist will be from the supply and the supply itself, to startup and run these units require a lot of power and it is recommended that all single phase units have their own dedicated power supply in order to ensure that sufficient power is supplied to the machine. Further issues such as two speed operation are not an option with single phase, not are entertainment hoists with a double brake as the secondary brake requires a direct phase for power. Electric travel beam trollies are also not an option with most manufacturers, CM L...

Over the last few years or so it has been normality among the users of pallet trucks and across the industry that “When they’re gone, they’re gone” pallet trucks became so cheap that when they break it can be cheaper to buy a new one then buy the spare parts, wait for them to arrive, fit them only to find something else wrong with it requiring more parts and more time, it was simple; buy a new one!

Sadly this is no longer the case for any pallet trucks manufactured in China (which is probably 85% of brands out there). This was implemented after February 14th when the European Commission of Trade Protectorate self-initiated an Anti-Dumping investigation into the import of hand pallet trucks from the peoples republic of China, this also included the main parts of the truck such as the pump and chassis to avoid people trying to import the parts and assemble them in the UK (nice trying!!).

Pfaff Silberblau Pallet Truck

On Febru...

Being a labourer isn’t always easy, hauling heavy loads of bricks, motor and other building material is strenuous hard work but mostly it costs you time, and time, is money!

Money well spent is a scaffold hoist, as an investment that will save you time, effort and money, get the job done quicker, save on labour costs and move on to the next job quicker! Life becomes easier with the addition of a builders hoist.

High quality industrial builders hoists can be supplied for under £800 in 230v or 110v 1 phase 50hz power formats with the safe working load up to 200kg (anything over this requires a gantry frame as the scaffold poles will bend over 200kg) usual heights of lift extend to 25 meters, hoists can feature extendable booms for long reach and rotating A frames that attach to the scaffold using scaffold clips that are easily tightened.

Imer TR225 Scaffold Hoist. Now ONLY £1,229!


There are a variety of a...

One thing is specifying what your chain hoist must do, another is ensuring that it can be used safely. Both are vital. Get one wrong and you could end up costing your company a wedge of money or worse, a fatal injury.

Safety first!

Before you even begin to question specification for a hoist you should firstly seek the help of a structural engineer. A structural engineer will be able to assist you as to where the hoist can be positioned. If running on a beam the engineer will be able to tell you how big and what type of beam you require in order to lift the desired rate. So to an extent, yes you do have to think about specification, but only brief details such as the maximum capacity to lift.

Am I lifting above heads?

If the answer to this question is YES, then you need to be very careful and ensure you are sold the correctly rated hoist(s). When hoisting above peoples heads (usually in a theatre) by law the hoist is required to conf...

Bottle Jacks- the neat small but mighty everyday lifting solution made up of a hydraulic ram and ‘pump’ mechanism, Bottle Jacks can be manufactured to lift up to 60 Tonnes which as I am sure you can appreciate is big enough to lift up most cars (and lorries) on the road.

Many cars these days are already equipped with a basic type of jack, sometimes a bottle jack but often a very difficult to use and flimsy jack, why not replace it for something that is easy to use, reliable and safe such as robust Bottle Jack which will save you time and effort when changing that wheel when your in that mad rush to get to your board meeting without time to wait for road-side assistance. -It happens all the time, or maybe your off road or stuck in a rut somewhere, a small and cost effective bottle jack could save your hours and a fortune in expensive recovery costs, idea for the DIY lover and anyone concerned about safety when on or off road.

We offer an extensive rang...

NEW Viper Chain Hoist

We are very proud to announce that we are now offering the latest ‘GT’ Chain Block; The Viper.

Capacities ranging from 500-30,000kg with various height of lift available meaning that there is a Viper Chain Block to suit everyone, the Viper block is constructed using high quality materials to provide a robust and durable 21st century lifting hoist.

Featuring Zinc plated grade 80 load chain as standard, sealed bearings for increased protection and easy servicing/maintenance, heavy duty cast iron safety catches- a real consumer demand we have noticed, replace your safety catches less often with the Viper Chain Block!

Also included in the body is a chain guide protector to help prevent damage to the chain guide which causes chain to snag and incorrectly feed in to the hoist, slowing production- the Viper block fixes this issue with innovative design that has been combined with years of experience and user feed...

We are very proud to be introducing our new universal and bespoke Container Handling Solutions which will include economy any UK made container lifting lugs, ISO container frames, chain sling and shackle assemblies and much more.

We are also able to ship our container lifting solutions anywhere in the world and look forward to welcoming your requests.

As you may know from reading this blog we like to keep you up to date on the latest products on todays market, we are proud to be one of the first distributors to be supplying the new super lightweight GIS GPM Electric Chain Hoist. Made robustly in Switzerland this durable and compact hoist is the newest competing hoist in the lightweight category boasting capacities from 80kg to 250kg.

GIS GPM Electric Chain Hoist

Designed with an array of applications in mind the GPM is protected to IP65 protection level which protects the hoist body and controls from any ingress of dust and water jets meaning you can use it outside and in the Sahara Desert! Perfect for our friends in Dubai and Saudi where they require hoists like this to ensure sand does not get inside the motors and cause damage. Aside from protection levels the new Swiss member boasts long heights of lift up to 90m which is ideal for placement within wind turbines which tend to be rather high and also ...

GreenPin Lifting Shackles are manufactured to the highest quality by Van Beest in The Netherlands. Van Beest are the manufacturing company of just two brands; GreenPin and Excel and have been producing top grade lifting equipment on a global scale for many years, anyone that knows the industry knows GreenPin.

Quality is not a requirement when it comes to GreenPin, It’s a STANDARD. The manufacturing process pays particular attention to quality, there are no rough edges on GreenPin shackles, they are all cast and finished carefully by applying a protective paint to the shackle and a distinctive trademark deep Green to the securing pin; everyone now knows the difference when they see that Green pin.

Each shackle is fully traceable with its individual serial number that is issued upon despatch, helping identify each and every shackles back to its exact batch from manufacture. Each GreenPin shackle also features the following codes: Working Load Limit,...

Check out our brand new range of Lashing Equipment and load securing gear at

Ratchet Load Binders and Weld on Hooks are currently on sale, stay tuned for more information and new products arriving in the Lashing Gear section.


Tie Down Straps, Ratchet Straps, Lashing Chains, Cargo Nets, One-way-straps and more weld-on attachments.

Ratchet Load Binders

Weld-On Hooks

Firstly; Thanks for showing an interest in our new on-site blog!

I am proud to announce we are now distributing Wire Rope Slings and all types of wire rope assemblies!

Our vast range of wire rope can be adapted and manufactured to suit your requirements. No matter how bespoke they are, we can help.

Wire Rope Slings from Lifting Equipment Store

Offering all types of Wire Rope Slings such as 1 leg, 2 leg, 3 leg, 4 leg complete with master links, sling hooks, C-hooks, thimble eyes and more.

Got a large requirement for wire ropes? We deliver direct from manufacturer to end user to avoid extra costs and bring you the best prices.

Talk to our friendly sales team today for more information and a competitive quotation on your next requirement for Wire Rope Slings.

When hoisting lightweight goods and material on site a Gin Wheel can be very useful and also very dangerous.

The creators of the Securepulley found this to be a problem with the common Gin Wheel and there for designed the solution; the Securepulley.

Featuring a self activating brake to stop the load from moving as soon as the user releases the rope. The load is held eliminating any risk of falling loads and eliminates the risk of danger to the operator and others around.

Self activating brake protects the load and user!

The Securepulley key features are:

Lifting and Lowering of loads with automatic brake Lowering the empty rope

Secure Pulley is the only Gin Wheel for the building industry that conforms to Machinery Directive ECC 89/392 complete with CE mark.

To learn more about the Securepulley Gin wheel and how to buy visit:

Welcome to the Official Lifting Equipment Store blog!

On this blog you will be kept up to date with the latest in the Lifting Equipment Industry from safety advice, product help, product maintenance and exclusive offers only available to Lifting Equipment Store blog readers!

We will be posting discount codes on this blog that will enable you to save your company lots of money when purchasing online with us, to do this simply subscribe to this blog, sit tight and enjoy the ride!

By the way, we didn’t just start blogging!! This is nothing new to us! Check out our other blog about Lifting Equipment here!

Want to learn a little more about us? Why not visit our ‘About Us’ page.

We are part of the Kingsway Corporation Ltd group which equips us with great advantages such as excellent rates of trade discount to ensure we get the best for our customers as well as over 30 years experience in the industry o...

That’s right, we are JACKING DOWN the prices! Our huge range of Toe Jacks are on offer until the end of the month, so HURRY! Buy today and combine with our FREE SHIPPING when you spend over £300 online at Lifting Equipment Store

Visit our the Toe Jack section at our online shop to view prices and buy online.

Toe Jacks can be used to lift and lower heavy loads up to 10,000kg with the use of a hydraulic ram. Usually manually operation a toe jack is a powerful low entry jack with a large base for extra support to ensure loads cannot tilt or tip over the jack.

Why not combine your toe jack with our growing range of Machine Moving Skates?

Sadly Winter is here to bring you doom and gloom, so are we! JUST KIDDING!

Unfortunately though, we have ceased the free shipping over £300 offer, however if you are feeling social you can still take up the opportunity by tweeting us at @LiftingStore and request your free shipping today!

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Today a new feature is being rolled out across the website, ‘Important Information Stickers’ displaying important information will be appearing in the corner of some products to bring you vital information and interesting facts that will help you decide on your purchase.


In the Lifting Slings section we have introduced a sticker that shows all Webbing and Round Slings feature a 24-48 hour lead time before despatch.

Other stickers will feature most popular items ‘Best Seller’ and discounts such as ‘10% off’ as well as ‘Lowest Price’ variations.

We hope that this new feature will assist you in the buying of your Lifting Equipment and make the process easier for both buyer and seller. This will happen with ease, showing the buyer where the best offers are, keeping them informed about any possible delays as well as saving the seller (us) some time in not having to respond to phone c...

It’s getting cold outside and people are becoming a little bit bitter as the chill gets to them, not us! We’re giving away FREE SHIPPING on you whole order when you purchase any one of our chain slings! This can even be used in conjunction of any other existing offers, save extra with our Loyalty Points and checkout using our Purchase Order option for 30 days free interest credit!!

We have also increased the Newsletter reader offer of free shipping on all orders over £250 until the end of this week, grab it while you can and if your not subscribed to our Newsletter then you should be! Want to save even more? Subscribe today on our website!

Latest products this week include the new range of Raptor economy load moving skates as well as our Steerman and Raptor range of caterpillar load skates. To be honest, the Steerman are at a real great price and UK made!!

Caterpillar Skates Range

Scaffold Hoists are ultimately designed to make a builders life easier! With working heights up to 30m a Scaffold Hoist can usually lift up to 200kg as this is the maximum weight most scaffolding poles can cope with.

Easy to use a scaffold hoist can be rigged up and ready to operate in just a moment! Simply mount the hoist on a scaffold pole and tighten the securing clips until you are satisfied it is safe. Connects the mains power supply (230v or 110v single phase, designed for use on site where three phase is not an option). The hoist can then be operated as designed from the top of the hoist with the pendant control.

Leuropea HE200

We have recently added a huge range of scaffold hoist accessories on to our website which includes the full Imer and L’Europea range. To celebrate we are offering  discounted prices across our full range of L’Europea Scaffold Hoists.


Merry Christmas from the guys at Lifting Equipment Store. To celebrate this Christmas we have teamed up with our suppliers to offer exclusive offers on our full range of Imer and L’Europea Scaffold Hoists.

The prices have just gone live online starting at £597! Hurry! They won’t be around for long, this offer is exclusive to all scaffold hoists purchased before we close for Christmas.

Click Here for: Scaffold Hoist Mega Deals

We are sure to have a scaffold hoist to suit your requirements with capacities up to 200kg and height of lift up to 40m, our range is available in 110v or 230v single phase options, ideal for use on building sites where three phase power is not an option.

The higher end of both manufacturers features scaffold hoists with extendable booms for enhanced further reaching which is made easy buy simply adjusting the span of the hoist arm when a load is not present. The arm is then locked in pla...

We are proud to announce our latest offer of up to 20% discount on Yale CPV and CPV/F Electric Chain Hoists.

The Yale CPV hoist is a well respected, quality, robust example of German engineering. This third generation hoist features the latest innovative safety devices that satisfy even the most demanding applications to provide peace of mind.

Act fast and grab yourself a deal today! Call 01384 567430 NOW!

We are very proud to be introducing our new ranges of Tractel and Yale Height Safety Equipment which includes everything needed to remain safe at height from Safety Harnesses to Fall Arrest Blocks and Anchorage Devices.

We chose to introduce these two super premium Height Safety brands first to bring you equipment designed for specialist applications as well as standard everyday equipment such as lanyards with carabiners big enough to anchor over a scaffold tube or harnesses designed for rescue, we aim to offer the best quality and the biggest range at the lowest prices. As always we promise to do our best to beat on price and if we don’t, challenge us!

Tractel Harness Kits

Tractel are a hugely popular brand within the height safety world, consider them the Mercedes of the Height Safety world. If Tractel don’t offer it- it probably doesn’t exist! A harness for almost every type of activity at height, check out the HUGE ...

Lifting slings are an essential facet of your lifting equipment and it is important that you use the right ones for the right purposes. Slings come in many different types, including chain slings, wire rope slings, polyester webbing and round slings, all of which are supplied by the Lifting Equipment Store.

1800kg Hydraulic Furniture Movers- Perfectly suited to Schools, Hospitals, Removal Companies & More!

Our range of Raptor manual and hydraulic Furniture Movers are ideal for moving heavy loads in the workplace, schools, hospitals and pretty much anywhere that a load up to 1800kg needs to be lifted and shifted while staying relatively close to the ground.

We have had many removal companies purchasing these nifty products to make light work of their every day tasks such as lifting and moving heavy wardrobes and furniture which increases the speed at which the workers operate which in turn saves time and money for everyone- meaning your company or organisation becomes more productive.

Manual Furniture Movers- with a single model capacity up to 600kg these manually operated movers can lift up to 300mm from ground level and alike the hydraulic models still allow you to ‘scoop’ up the load, the difference with the manual movers ...

Lifting magnets are ideal for lifting and transporting loads from one location to another and can be controlled locally or remotely, this blog will provide a few essential notes of advice on selecting a lifting magnet.

The manual handling of drums can be awkward, inefficient and sometime rather dangerous, and Lifting Equipment Store supplies a range of drum handling equipment to make moving, turning, weighing or lifting a drum a lot easier. Our hydraulic drum trucks and lifters are designed for specific activities, like tipping, turning, loading and unloading, and we have plenty of models to choose between.

The Raptor DA40B Hydraulic Drum Stacker and Rotator guarantees a smooth, simple lift every time, and it can transport drums up to 55 gallons. This model uses a reliable and compact mechanism system to fix securely onto the drum, while it allows for vertical and horizontal locked positions.

The Raptor DT250 is suited to transporting and lifting 210 litre drums, while the locking mechanism grips to the top of the drum securely and safely. The DTW250 is another quality option and it’s ideal for unloading from Euro pallets. The spring loaded steel jaws provide a ...

No matter if you are a professional mechanic or a car repair enthusiast that likes to do all their car repair work themselves, doing any type of car servicing work without the right tools can be impossible. Especially if you are working on the car’s engine, because there is no way you can lift the engine block with your bare hands. Luckily there are certain instruments that you can use to help you with this task, these tools are called engine hoists. And to help you find the right engine hoist for you and the kind of work you are going to be doing using the hoist, let’s look at various different engine hoist types and what kind of projects they are best suited for.


We supply lifting shackles for all applications to suit a wide variety of needs, with a focus on quality as well as price. Our aim is to provide robust, high-quality products which represent real value and we believe that our range does just this. Have a look through our selection and find the products which best meet your requirements.

Investing in sturdy height safety equipment is completely essential for anyone who could be at risk from falls. We often hear of cases where people have been killed or injured because they have had an accident whilst working at height, and a lot of the time it is completely preventable.

Do you need an option that allows you to wirelessly control your hoist systems? Lifting Equipment Store can provide you with radio control systems from leading manufacturers in the industry.

Plant managers may face dilemmas when it comes to choosing between wire rope hoists and chain hoists. Both wire rope hoists and chain hoists perform the same function, but they are operated in different ways and are meant to lift different types of loads. So you may want to know the differences between wire rope hoists and chain hoists if you are looking to invest in a new hoist, upgrade your existing hoist, or if you think that you may not be using the right type of hoist in your operations.

 When you use inappropriate hoists, you end up incurring additional expenses in the long run. For example, wire ropes are costlier than chains and so you may be paying too much for something that you do not actually need. On the other hand, when you use chains for operations that demand the use of wire ropes, you will have a system that fails to perform to the expected standard and you may end up paying for repairs.

Wire hoists come in diverse forms that are created wit...

In any industry, whenever a lifting job needs to be performed, some type of lifting sling, which is used with a lifting device, is required to undertake a lifting operation. Lifting slings are used to attach loads to the lifting devices and they come in various forms with specific slings being considered appropriate to lift specific types of loads. Among the different lifting slings that are commonly used across diverse industries are disposable one-way slings, web slings, fibre rope slings, chain slings, wire rope slings, and round slings.

Disposable one-way slings are usually used to lift an object and load it into a vehicle. The slings are disposed once the object is removed from the vehicle and sent to the destination. Flat web slings are commonly made out of nylon as well as heavy-duty polyester, but polyester web slings are a better choice as they are not only resistant to certain acidic substances, but they also have lesser elasticity compared to their nylon counter...

Swing jib cranes are versatile lifting devices that can be used for diverse purposes. There are certain parameters that you should take into consideration when you purchase a swing jib crane to make sure that the device justifies your investment and purpose. The weight of the item as well as the distance that it will cover should be measured appropriately in order to identify the crane that will suit your purpose. Additionally, you may also need to consider the lifting height if you think that obstruction may be a considerable factor. This may differ depending on the available area and other factors such as the beam height and the load height. Sometimes, a safety margin is added to make sure that the load is transported safely.

Swing jib cranes come with various rotation options. The swing jib crane can be made to cover a designated area by installing a rotation stop that can restrict the degree of movement of the crane and minimise the probability of human error that...

Green Pin Shackles come highly recommended, favoured by riggers and those who are reliant on quality and reliability in tough conditions. The premium branded Lifting Shackles are manufactured in The Netherlands to the very highest standards.

Van Beest who manufacture the Green Pin range of shackles have been doing so for the past 90 years and continually invest in their processes and as well as in research and development of new and existing products for further refinement. Offering a range from 0.3T-1550T provides a scope for all application sizes, every Green Pin Shackle is fully CE compliant and shipped with certificate of conformity.

For further information on our range of Green Pin Shackles, please contact our friendly sales team or view the range here.

Pallet jacks are used to lift loads that would usually demand the effort of multiple workmen for being lifted. The use of pallet jacks not only saves labour costs and time, but it is also a safe alternative for workers who need to lift hazardous materials. Surprisingly, many employers allow pallet jacks to be operated by untrained and unsupervised workmen, which make workers and onlookers vulnerable to injuries. When a worker in your facility operates a pallet jack, he should make sure that he uses protective gear, such as gloves, and steel-capped boots. Additionally, the use of safety eyewear is recommended if a job involves the transportation of hazardous chemicals.

There are certain precautions that you should adopt to ensure safe equipment use. It is not a good idea to operate the machine beyond its lifting capacity or to defy lifting instructions during loading and unloading operations. Ensure that you move the load slowly so that you can avoid incidents if your envir...

Aside from the large range of ‘standard’ UK Made Webbing and Round Lifting Slings we also offer our bespoke custom made Webbing Slings and Round Slings which can be manufactured to your design (or ours) within 48 hours from approval!

Our skilled sales team can turn your design in to a reality at the right price, just because it’s custom does not mean the price is high! Challenge us and find out…

All of our Webbing and Round slings are manufactured with a safety factor of 7:1, we are able to manufacture up to 20 Tonne capacity for custom designs and up to 500 Tonne with standard designs. Each sling is dated upon manufacture and the identification tag shows the loading angles and capacities of the sling for safety purposes and of course we always supply with a certificate of conformity as standard.

October was an extremely busy month online and at the office of Lifting Equipment Store.

The team have been flat out this month striving to provide the high quality service our customers demand and always receive.

Supply of equipment this month has reached an all time high with global export still showing rapid growth since last month, special projects have included a large export to South Korea of over 30 Yale C85 Ratchet Lever Hoists that are about to be air freighted over to our customer who requires them for an urgent application and did not have time to wait for the more cost effective Sea Freight, we easily and efficiently accommodated his needs.

Closer to home we are proud to have been involved in the supply of drum handling and lifting gear to companies operating on the renovation of Birmingham’s New Street Station; a multi million pound investment that will revolutionise rail travel in and out of Birmingham City Centre, It’s nice to...

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Think about it…without customers, a business wouldn’t succeed? So why wouldn’t you put the customer's needs and wants as your first priority in any situation? This is where many businesses fail to recognise that customer service is one of the most valued assets a business can have and how it can make or break a purchase or even lead to repeat custom.

What deems good customer service?

Good customer service is when the customer is completely satisfied from the enquiry right through to the delivery of the product. This sounds easy enough but stating how to give good customer service is very different to following it through consistently. Repeat business is the backbone of selling to consumers as one off purchases are typically the most important as a fantastic customer service experience will implore the customer to be more inclined to repeat a purchase in ...

Previously, choosing an appropriate drum stacker to suit various drum types has been a nightmare. You handle steel, plastic and fibre drums on a daily basis and having three different stackers would not only be confusing for workers but also expensive and impractical. You pinpoint what appears to be a robust and sturdy stacker, but are quickly disappointed to find that it only lifts standard 55gallon steel drums. Finding that all-in-one solution has forever been a dream, well, now we've made it a reality!

Planning a lift and choosing the correct load link might seem daunting at first, with endless choices on the market and countless features from wired to wireless, displays and software, data logging solutions and more, it's no wonder you might be confused at first. This article explores the Straightpoint load link range, their unique functionalities and intended uses as well as the best ways to monitor your loads from close or afar.

Considering a new hoist? Unsure whether to make the jump from manual to electric? This article written by our Sales Exective; George Dunn, delves in to the basic advantages and disadvantages of both. 

Explore the differences and alternatives available, the considerations one should make and the potential concerns of making the wrong decision. Be sure to always think with longevity, safety and efficiency in mind.

LES recently had the pleasure of producing bespoke lifting accessories for a global market leader in the Aerospace industry. 

The main objective

Lifting and moving of Aircraft Tyres;
After careful and precise measuring a solution was formed and we could begin the procedure to get these Tyres off the ground and into the air! 
The customers’ requirements ‘landed' with us and we were more than willing to take upon the challenge to design and manufacture a bespoke solution to suit the needs and complete the customers repetitive task at hand.