Investing in sturdy height safety equipment is completely essential for anyone who could be at risk from falls. We often hear of cases where people have been killed or injured because they have had an accident whilst working at height, and a lot of the time it is completely preventable. Choosing the correct equipment and ensuring that it has been properly checked over and serviced before use are two of the basic rules, which anyone involved in working at height should follow.

As employers and employees, everyone has a legal duty to ensure that their actions are safe for themselves and others. Any employer whose staff carry out work at height will be affected by The Work at Height Regulations 2005, which are designed to prevent death and injury. The role of the employer or any other person who is in control is to asses and plan all work taking place at height, whilst making sure that it is being carried out and supervised by competent people. The role of the employee is to co-operate with their employer in making this possible by taking reasonable care of themselves and the other people working around them. The safety equipment offered by Lifting Equipment Store helps everyone to meet their obligations when it comes to working at height. All of the equipment we sell is of the highest professional quality, designed with specific industries and tasks in mind to make it totally suitable for its purpose. Our individual safety harnesses come from reputable brands that many industry experts rely on, such as Kratos, Yale and Tractel. Prices range from £10.74 to £263, so there are plenty of choices depending on your sector and budget.


Height Safety Kits

If you would prefer a complete package that includes everything you need, try our safety harness kits. These will incorporate all the additional pieces of equipment you need alongside your safety harness, so they’re excellent value for money. If you only need certain components, have a look through our safety harness accessories section, which includes everything from padded shoulder straps to extension straps. Also included in our range are safety harnesses for women, designed specifically to be comfortable and safe for women working at height.

LES are always able to advise customers on the right equipment and accessories for them. If you’d like to know anything more about the equipment that we stock and how it can help you when working at height, just get in touch with the team on 01384 567430, or fill in our online contact form.