Moving heavy and bulky objects such as American style fridge-freezers can be a real challenge for even the 'big lads' on the team. But now, thanks to an innovative yet simplistic trolley system nicknamed 'Furniture Movers'. Available in three different sizes, Furniture Movers make light work of moving large fridges and freezers (or anything large weighing up to 1800kg).

Manufactured from industrial grade steel and powder coated for a quality finish, all protruding areas are protected by rubber buffers (excluding the toe), meaning your cargo stays safe and damage free, our Fridge Movers are robust enough to carry heavy machinery, but nimble enough to use in domestic applications. One thing we do however recommend for domestic applications is that you protect your floor, our furniture movers are rated to lift and shift loads up to 1800kg, your floor might not be! 

How to Move A Heavy Fridge-Freezer

Ideally operated by two people for stability and worker safety (you should never move heavy equipment alone) the kit is super easy to use. Simply slide one of the dollies under each side, secure with the ratchet strapping system and lift equally to ensure an evenly distributed load on each side, once clear of the ground, the refrigerator is free to wheel around like a shopping cart.