Do you think your company would benefit from a wire rope winch? If you are unsure about the answer to this question, this article will help.

This article will run through the basics of what this particular type of winch is, how it works and why your company may need one.

If you have any further questions after reading this article, please contact an experienced member of the LES team, who will be eager to help find the ideal solution for you.

First things first, let's get an overview of what this piece of equipment is... 

What is a wire rope winch?

A winch is a very simple device to master and use. It consists of a motor, hydraulic system, and a drum in the middle where the cable or rope will be coiled.

Manually operated versions offer you a cost-effective way to pull and lift your loads. Wire rope winches are a type of hand winch that is ideal for lifting, pulling, and positioning different types of loads. They are essentially a sort of drum winch where rope winds.

There is a wide choice of hoists that can either lift or pull a load using this type of item. There are two main differences with the variations, some are designed to lift and pull (hoists) and some are designed just to pull (winches). Make sure you know the difference before purchasing.

How to use and choose the right wire rope winch

To use this item, you simply let out the cable, attach it to whatever it is that you are pulling, and then retract it to initiate the move. You can use these handy winches on various uses that include vehicles, ships, cranes, and other types of machinery. In short, during the winching process, the drum will rotate so the rope is wound in and out. This tension allows you to lift or pull heavy loads.

To choose the correct version that's right for you, it's a great idea for you to consider the following questions:

1) Are you intending to use it for lifting materials or for pulling applications?

2) Do you need an extended cable/ what height of lift do you need?

3) Where will the winch be fitted-on the wall?

4) What type of environment is it being used in? 

5) Do you need a corrosion resistance winch or a winch made from stainless steel?

6) Do you need a single or double drum?

7) Do you require any accessories?

The questions above should help you shortlist the model of wire rope winch you require and by answering them you'll have a much better idea of if this is an item you need or not. 

Safety measures

A winch is a powerful tool. Like all powerful tools, a certain amount of precaution is required for its use. Knowing the safety measures to take, will ensure you use the winch successfully and avoid any unwanted injury.

Here are some tips to keep safe while operating this type of machinery to ensure you, your team, operators, and bystanders are safe when in operation: 

1)Learn how to use and wear protective equipment such as gloves.

2)Choose a winch that is suitable for the job and do not go over the advised capacity. If you do, this could break the winch.

3)Inspect the winch regularly to make sure everything is in order.

4) The winch operator must be trained to perform safe winching. 

5)Do not use the winch in long bursts. You do not want to overheat it. The winch pulls loads of power and can kill your vehicle’s battery quickly. So, never pull for a longer period.

Where could you use a winch and how to pick the right one? 

Wire rope winches are the ideal piece of equipment for lifting, pulling, and positioning applications. They offer you maximum versatility and efficiency in lifting situations.

You will find that they are frequently used in industrial units, plant construction, agriculture, theatres, sports halls, and many more areas.

Does your company need this equipment?

This article should give you a better understanding of what this item is, how you can use them, questions to help narrow your pick, safety measures to take, and which industries tend to use them. Remember there are various models and a range of capacities to choose from to suit all your needs.

If you have any further questions on whether wire rope winches are for you then you can take a member of the LES staff. They will be more than happy to help guide you through all your options for the ideal solution for you.