We are very proud to be introducing our new ranges of Tractel and Yale Height Safety Equipment which includes everything needed to remain safe at height from Safety Harnesses to Fall Arrest Blocks and Anchorage Devices.

We chose to introduce these two super premium Height Safety brands first to bring you equipment designed for specialist applications as well as standard everyday equipment such as lanyards with carabiners big enough to anchor over a scaffold tube or harnesses designed for rescue, we aim to offer the best quality and the biggest range at the lowest prices. As always we promise to do our best to beat on price and if we don’t, challenge us!

Tractel Harness Kits

Tractel Harness Kits

Tractel are a hugely popular brand within the height safety world, consider them the Mercedes of the Height Safety world. If Tractel don’t offer it- it probably doesn’t exist! A harness for almost every type of activity at height, check out the HUGE range of Tractel Safety Harnesses.

Yale are simply a massively reputable brand and if names are anything to go by then you are sure to appreciate the quality and design of the Yale Height Safety Harness range, don’t be put off by the designer label however, take a look at the really affordable prices! Not only can the Yale harness range be purchased individually but there are a range of pre designed kits which work out more cost effective and are complete with storage case or rucksack, ideal to keep everything in one place especially when throwing them in to the back of a van after a hard days graft!

Remember extended discounts are always available on bulk order of Height Safety Equipment from Lifting Equipment Store so call and let us help you kit your team out today!