Lifting magnets are typically used in situations when material handling may prove to be expensive, difficult, and dangerous. Lifting magnets are used to transport heavy materials including steel plate, round and block steel, and other speciality applications. Lifting magnets come in different sizes and support different lifting operations in construction, demolition, and automobile junking. Given the critical role that lifting magnets play in ensuring safe and cost-effective material transportation, you should make it a point to diligently select lifting magnets to ensure worksite safety.

Here are a few basic factors that you should consider while choosing lifting magnets:

  • Load Weight and Surface Area: The number of magnets that you require and their sizes typically depend on the surface area and the weight of the load. If the load has a smaller surface area, you need a magnet that has the strength to penetrate the load thickness. However, if the load has a large surface area, you may need to deploy multiple lifting magnets of the same size.
  • Surface-Type: You can ensure maximum efficiency on the use of lifting magnets if you invest in a magnet that has a smooth and clean face and load surface. You should ensure that your magnet maintains full contact with the load that needs to be lifted. If the magnet has an uneven surface, then it will not have full contact with the load and under such a circumstance, a lifting operation may prove to be potentially dangerous.
  • Load Size: You deploy lifting magnets to lift loads that come in a wide range of sizes and so you may want to make sure that you choose the magnets that can lift the complete range of loads that need to be transported. Choose magnets of appropriate size and shape depending on the size and shape of the loads.

With efficient training playing the most important role in helping you and your workmen make knowledgeable decisions, it makes sense if you invest in quality training programs that will not only ensure efficiency in your operations, but will also keep you and others safe.

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