One of the most overlooked components to an electric hoist setup is the power supply. With many thinking that electric hoists come with a power cable like a computer, with single phase hoists this is the case. However with three phase industrial hoists this is not the case. There are reasons surrounding this, but the biggest reason is that most of the time these hoists are being incorporated as part of an existing system or crane system where there is already a supply in place or a specialist supply will be implemented. This is where Festoon Cable Systems provide the ultimate cost effective solution.

A Festoon System runs is essentially a cable management system which feeds power (and control if desired) to the hoist and manages the length when the hoist traverses to avoid any snagging or bunching which could get in the way of the hoist and cause damage as well as posing a risk to the operator. A section of c-rail is suspended from the top flange of the same beam that the hoist is running along, this features multiple small trolleys that carry the cable along the c-rail, each trolley features a clamp that holds the cable in place. When the hoist moves the cable trolleys are dragged behind and provide a neat and well managed solution to feed power to the hoist avoiding any snagging or accidental crushing of cables.

Festoon Systems can be specified in any length and any type of flat form cable, we offer specialist systems for outdoor applications such as stainless steel or galvanised solutions as well as specialist cables. Not only can the festoon system carry the power cables but a separate track can be incorporated adjacent to the power feed which contains the power cable, meaning that the operator can be at one side of the beam with the control pendant while the hoist is at the other side of the beam. This is ideal for situations where the operator needs to be positioned at a safe distance from the load or perhaps the load is so large that the operator would not be able to reach the pendant control if it were fixed directly in to the hoist body- a much more cost effective alternative to radio control.

For more information regarding our range of kits, visit our Festoon Systems page or contact a member of our sales team who will be happy to assist.