Just less than 12 hours before the beginning of Global Lifting Awareness Day #GLAD2020 urban search and rescue teams are tackling a challenging operation as they battle to recover this huge structure.

Sadly it has just been announced that one person has lost their life, we extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to the family involved. 

This fatal accident will no doubt be a huge discussion as part of tomorrow's awareness day and a huge discussion in the coming Health & Safety Executive investigation that will no doubt follow.

It is understood that fire crews are currently working to free some people trapped inside the homes and we wish them all the best for a safe rescue.

Four people were believed to have been treated at the scene by paramedics and two taken to hospital since sustaining head injuries.

It will be intriguing the see the outcome of the investigation behind this accident, in today's strict working conditions it is unlikely to be a mechanical failure due to poor servicing or lack of inspection, more likely to be an installation fault, a result of freak weather or a combination of various different factors.

*images courtesy of Sky News