What are fork extensions?

Forklift extensions are a heavy-duty bolt on attachment for your forklift that fits over your current forks to extend the length you can reach with this piece of moving machinery.  It is a brilliant way of improving your forklifts functionality without the large added expense. Made right here in the UK and available in a comprehensive range to ensure that we can cater to trucks of all sizes, types and needs.  They are a simple cost-effective way of handling those occasional awkward long loads that your standard forks cannot get to.


What length can I reach?

We offer various lengths of fork extensions, it is important to note that your extensions can only overhang the standard fitted forks by 66% e.g your current forks are 1200mm this means your maximum extension size would be 1992mm therefore you would pick the 1981mm model.

Available sizes  -

  • 1200mm
  • 1372mm
  • 1525mm
  • 1600mm
  • 1650mm
  • 1829mm
  • 1981mm
  • 2134mm
  • 2438mm

Please note the length of the extensions is the total length you will reach including the parent forks.

What fork size do I choose?

We recommend measuring your standard forks before purchasing any fork extensions as this can vary on different versions of the moving machinery, you will need to check the width and thickness.

We can offer 3 sizes:

  • 100x50mm
  • 125x50mm
  • 150x50mm

*If your measurements do not match any of the above, call our sales team who will be able to assist*


How many do I need?

The extensions are sold in pairs, so you only need to purchase 1 set for each piece of kit that you want to use these for.

How are fork extensions used?

Forklift extensions are best suited for occasional large loads that need a longer fork. They are used for light bulky loads for use when moving or unloading. Using these extensions can save time and most of all storage space as the convenient bolt on attachment point makes it easy to fit and remove so you do not need the added expense or space for a longer forklift. They also allow for double-deep pallet racks at each side of an aisle, this can increase warehouse capacity by up to 30% compared to single deep racking.


How do forklift extensions save time?

  • They handle different load sizes and shapes with the need of only one truck
  • You can load and unload trailers from just one side
  • You can load and unload more pallets per pick/lift


How do you use fork extensions?

It could not be simpler… you slide on and slide off the attachment, they fit over the forks and simply rest on top of the forks. They are locked into position by a pin to ensure they do not slip off when in use.

Step by step -

1. Position forks to desired distance apart.

2. Remove fork pocket heel pins from the extensions.

3. Drive forks into the fork extensions.

4. Insert the fork pocket heel pins directly behind the heel of the fork and attach safety lynchpin into the holes provided.

5. The extensions are now ready for use.


How do I find the load centre?

The load chart will tell you where the load centre is based on the model(s) that you have. It is important you keep in mind when using extensions that you ensure you are keeping the lifting machinery load centre as close to the backrest as much as possible, this will keep it a safe balanced load.

Safety tips for using fork extensions

  • The forklift and extensions should be inspected before every use with attention paid to: A – All weld points B – Wear and distortion of extensions and heel pin attachments.
  • Never overload your machinery, always refer to the load chart that outlines the limits.
  • Ensure the fork extensions are built to match the width of your forks and that they do not overhang your current forks by more than 66%.
  • Train workers on the limitations of long lifts on a forklift.
  • This product is certified for 6 months from the date of manufacture, it is the customer's and your responsibility as an owner to get the extensions inspected every six months, always look for problems with load-bearing components and cracks in load-bearing welds.


How do I order fork extensions?

You can simply do this online simply click the following link -


Or alternatively, if you wish to speak to the team further about this product call us on 01384 567430