The Genie Lift SLA range is the versatile choice in material handling multi-tools. SLA meaning 'Superlift Advantage' makes it sound pretty special, and that's because it is! 

A quality machine beyond any other, the Genie SLA is a hand operated portable material lift that is just super easy to use and makes light work of bulky heavy loads. Available with multiple base configurations, winch options and load handling accessories to bring you a completely customised lifter. 

Designed with you in mind- the Genie SLA range has been engineered to be the most compact of its kind to ensure complete portability when required, meaning you can spend less time mucking about and more time focusing on the task at hand- did I hear someone say Return on investment? Yes, that's right! Think about it, two-man jobs become a one-man breeze with speed and ease combined! These products are of true value, I'm proud to say we have had an SLA-20 in our warehouse for several years now- it's so very convenient for random applications and even assisted with the extension of our new office! 

Overall Range Specifications SLA-5 to SLA-25

Working Height: 2.0m-7.94m

Load Capacity: Up to 454kg


Individual Comparison

SLA-5 The most compact and lightweight unit, ideal for lower level applications with heavier loads, alike all of the below units, the SLA-5 is available from stock in 2 working days (even quicker if you need it!)  Was From £1,905.00 NOW FROM £1,619.25

Working Height (Standard Forks Up) 2.0m
Width (Stowed) 0.80m
Load Capacity (46cm Load Centre) 454kg


SLA-10 Gain a larger working height while maintaining the biggest lifting capacity throughout the range, this one weighs in at 118kg on a standard base (137kg when selected with a straddle base) Was From £2,165.00 NOW FROM £1,840.25

Working Height (Standard Forks Up) 3.49m
Width (Stowed) .80m
Load Capacity (46cm Load Centre) 454kg


SLA-15 A mid-way product in the range, a cost-effective and weight efficient alternative to the SLA-20 model (weighing just 151kg with a standard base, 163kg with the straddle base) Was From £2,420.00 NOW FROM £2,057.00

Working Height (Standard Forks Up) 4.98m
Width (Stowed) 0.80m
Load Capacity (46cm Load Centre) 363kg


SLA-20  This would be our most popular customer choice, a great high reach while operating at well over a quarter tonne! (272kg with a 61cm load centre) Was From £2,640.00 NOW FROM £2,244.00

Working Height (Standard Forks Up) 6.46m
Width (Stowed) 0.80m
Load Capacity (46cm Load Centre) 363kg


SLA-25 The daddy of the range, ideal for applications that require that extra reach of up to 7.94m, do however consider the lower load capacity reflected, the width remains the same across the range Was From £3,065.00 NOW FROM £2,605.25

Working Height (Standard Forks Up) 7.94m
Width (Stowed) 0.80m
Load Capacity (46cm Load Centre) 295kg

Generally speaking, all units are kept in stock in vast quantities ready to meet urgent customer demands, expect your delivery within 2 working days from your order being processed, and if you need it quicker- just call us, we will always do what we can! For further information on our range of Genie SLA Material Lifts please contact a member of our sales team or feel free to browse our website.