Export to many means by sea, in a large shipping container with a long delivery time. Not to us. Export to us also means FAST. And by fast we mean Air Freight Export.

Our specialist export team are fully competent when it comes to air freight of goods on a global scale. Many customers require goods urgently and more often then not the case is that they would actually have liked the goods yesterday! This is where we can assist your company in saving time and money.

Many customers believe that they are saving money by using their own freight forwarders when in fact they are losing out! Having to arrange your own freight can be a costly event in time and money, especially if you do not export regularly, then freight companies try to take advantage of you by charging higher rates.

TNT Air Cargo Loading

TNT Air Cargo Loading

When our team handle exports we only ship on the best price, we use a handful of well established freight companies which we use on a regular basis that enable us to secure the very best of rates which we do not mark up to make extra profit, we offer you the flat rate at the best price as part of our standard service.

This week we are exporting a large consignment of Yale C85 Pul-Lifts to South Korea via Air Freight, our customer had an immediate requirement and we were able to supply immediately by Air Freighting over 40 hoists to South Korea for under £700! This was packed in a wooden pallet box which complies to ISPM 15 standard as required by customs in most countries these days, along with the consignment we handled all of the export documentation including certificates of origin and customs entries.

For more information on our full range of Air Freight and other export options please visit our dedicated Export page here: http://www.liftingequipmentstore.com/export-3-w.asp