In any industry, whenever a lifting job needs to be performed, some type of lifting sling, which is used with a lifting device, is required to undertake a lifting operation. Lifting slings are used to attach loads to the lifting devices and they come in various forms with specific slings being considered appropriate to lift specific types of loads. Among the different lifting slings that are commonly used across diverse industries are disposable one-way slings, web slings, fibre rope slings, chain slings, wire rope slings, and round slings.

Disposable one-way slings are usually used to lift an object and load it into a vehicle. The slings are disposed once the object is removed from the vehicle and sent to the destination. Flat web slings are commonly made out of nylon as well as heavy-duty polyester, but polyester web slings are a better choice as they are not only resistant to certain acidic substances, but they also have lesser elasticity compared to their nylon counterparts. Web slings are noted for their softness and flexibility and their ability to absorb some level of shock load. Web slings feature a wide load-carrying area and they can be supplemented by additional protective sleeves to ensure better protection of the high-wear sections. Additionally, it is very easy to detect scars or signs of tear in web slings.

Fibre rope slings are used to lift loads that are quite heavy and they are usually made of natural or manmade ropes that may come equipped with different types of end fittings to suit specific needs. Chain slings are noted for their versatility and they come in various lengths, lifting capacities, and link sizes. Notably, chain slings can be combined together in different arrangements to create 2, 3, or 4 leg chain slings. Chain slings can be equipped easily with different types of anchor points depending on your purpose.

Wire rope slings are recognised for their strength and they appear in different forms, which is why it is important to practise prudence while choosing the right type of wire rope sling for the right application. Wire rope slings come in single as well as multiple leg versions and they are made up of multiple strands that have a better capacity to absorb the shock of loads. Round slings feature a fibre core that remains protected by a tubular sleeve and they are typically used to lift delicate objects.

When you choose a lifting sling, you will need to consider a number of factors including load-type, weight, lifting frequency, and the type of lifting movement that a job would demand. If you are not sure, you may consider consulting a specialist from our sales team who will be happy to assist you.