Load movers are one of our best selling products here at LES due to their simple yet efficient design which makes them the perfect solution for moving furniture, cabinets and many other items.

Otherwise known as 'furniture movers', the series begins at 600kg and ranges up to 3600kg which means we have the ideal solutions for all your load moving requirements.

3 Reasons To Use Load Movers:

  1. The load can be moved without large equipment like a forklift or crane. Due to the steering capability, it can be moved around other equipment or obstacles found in the same location of the item that needs to be moved.
  2. All our furniture movers can be safely operated by one person using the handles and the additional safety of the securing 5m ratchet straps, all wheels are linked to make smooth moving. This is what makes these products a great warehouse addition so that you always have that quick and simple solution to moving those somewhat awkward loads.
  3. The LES FM furniture movers come in various capacities and heights, meaning we have a variation to suit all your needs. Starting from the 600kg manual mover with a lift height of 300mm making this the smallest and compact option we have. To our most popular 1800kg hydraulic version with model ‘A’ having a 100mm lift height and model ‘B’ having 250mm lift height. Then we have our mighty machine movers 2700kg & 3600kg at a 160mm lift height making these the perfect solution to those larger and heavier moves.

Below you can see our premium equipment being used to help assist a heavy horsey load at Cheltenham Racecourse!

If you require any more information or want to check our furniture movers will work for you please contact us today.