Electric pallet trucks have become an integral machine to lift and move around goods and materials in factory floors and work spaces.

They have several advantages and can considerably save on time and money thus increasing work productivity. Their ease of use and versatility, however, should not belie the fact that they must be used cautiously. Operators must be trained on how to use them in different circumstances as they can cause serious injury if used incorrectly. 

Here are three most basic safety tips to keep in mind when operating an electric pallet truck.

  1. Training: In many places, floor supervisors sometimes ask untrained employees to operate a pallet truck either to fill in for an absent operator or to save time. An electric pallet jack is a complicated machine with several complex features. Operators are trained to handle different switches, wear appropriate clothing, including helmets where necessary, and ensure the machine is in good condition before operating it. An untrained employee attempting to use it can injure himself and bystanders.
  2. Plan your journey: Depending on where you are using the pallet truck, always determine if the path you are taking is clear of obstructions. This is particularly true if you are transporting large unwieldy objects that may encounter other equipment and get stuck. As far as possible, try and inform other workers on the floor what time you are working the machine and to stay out of the way.
  3. Regular maintenance: Like any other machine, an electric pallet truck is subject to wear and tear. Schedule regular lubrication and maintenance checks and maintain an inspector’s checklist prior to every use. Ensure that the battery is functioning well and that the switches work in the correct manner, such as for reverse and break.     

For further information and safety tips on our range of Electric Pallet Trucks please contact our friendly sales team who will be happy to offer expert advice and a suitable, safe solution.