You may have seen that many construction companies use ratchet straps for securing cargo and other loads when lifting. However, have you ever thought about where else this durable solution is used? Whether you have or not, you're going to get an understanding of where else you can use ratchet straps.

Before we dive into other areas where ratchet straps are used, let's get an overview of what they are and the importance of looking after your strap(s).

What are Ratchet Straps? 

Ratchet straps, typically made from polyester mesh, are a key component in tying down and securing cargo during the lifting process. Ratchet straps (also known as tie-downs) ensure all cargo stays in place and does not move or shift during transportation. This article will demonstrate the various uses of ratchet straps and how they can be incorporated into other areas of your life. 

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Have you ever asked yourself something alone the lines of: “Could I use hydraulic energy from hydraulic cylinders to help lift and move my heavy items on the shop floor?”

If you have, you're in the right place as we're going to cover everything to do with hydraulic cylinders in this article. You may not have asked a question like this but are wondering what solutions are available to you to lift your items and in that case, this article will give you insight into a potential product that can help you. 

At Lifting Equipment Store (LES) we want to inform all our customers about our products and services so that you feel that you have purchased the right solution for your industry. This article will give you an overview of what hydraulic cylinders are, how they work, and the safety measures to take whilst using them to give you an understanding of if this is the right solution for your business challenge. 

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If you're in an industry that requires working at great heights, then you have likely heard of, and used at some point, safety harnesses. Even if you're not entirely sure what this piece of equipment is or how they work, you've likely seen them in operation, just not paid attention to it.

In this article, we will look at what safety harnesses are, how they can be used and the advantages safety harnesses can have for you and your workers.

If by the end of the article you have any further queries, please contact a member of our LES team and we will be more than happy to help guide you through your options.

What are Safety Harnesses?

Safety harnesses are a form of protective gear that is designed to protect a person or worker from falling and getting injured. Safety harnesses are used when you are working at great heights and give you that sense of security if you were to fall.

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If you are in an industry that deals with heavy machinery it is likely you have come across crane scales. This piece of equipment will provide you with the ideal solution for weighing heavy loads and machinery.

This article aims to give you an overview of what this piece of equipment is, the difference between hanging scales and crane scales, how you can use the equipment, the safety measures to take whilst using, and the benefits of purchasing one. 

If by the end of this article you have any questions on if this is the right piece of equipment for you, please contact an experienced member of the LES team who we will be more than happy to help guide you through your options.

What are Crane scales?

Crane scales are heavy-duty scales used for the suspension of large or heavy items. This product can be the ideal solution for identical applications where a hoists crane is being used and readings are required. 

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It is likely you have seen platform trolleys before but just not known it. You may have been told you need one as a solution to move your goods from point a to point b with ease and not known where to start, what type is right for you, and how exactly you can use one.

Well, you've come to the right place!

Whether you know what they are or have never heard of one before and are now looking to get one, this article has something for you as we're going to be breaking down everything to do with a platform trolley.

The team at Lifting Equipment Store (LES) always wants to make sure the focus is on you as a customer which is why we put together articles like this to delve into all the details around lifting products and solutions that can drive more value to your business and it's customers.

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