Due to the increasing amount of spare parts we are now selling, LES are endeavouring to upload as many parts and components for sale to make servicing and acquiring parts for your equipment even easier! One of our most frequently supplied parts are pendant controls, radio controls and their accessories/components such as contact blocks and directional stickers for the buttons.

Directional markers, sometimes called 'legends' can be really hard to get hold of, many companies won't process your order for a simple sticker, others will require you to call up and take time identifying the correct sticker or legend required.

We've made it easy to find and purchase a standardised set of directional marker stickers for hoist pendant controls. Originally manufactured for the ARC Flex EX Series radio control system, we have found suitable for a huge range of pendant stations and now offer this set as a universal legend set.

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The terms fall arrest and fall restraint are often used as similar aspects of the fall protection system. However, it needs to be noted that fall arrest systems and fall restraint systems promote two different types of fall protection functions. A fall arrest system works by preventing a worker from falling down after a fall incident has already taken place. On the other hand, a fall restraint system prevents a worker from getting close to a potential hazard.

In most circumstances, fall arrest systems prove to be more useful that fall restraint systems. With fall arrest systems, workers can access hard-to-reach places and perform their duties well. With fall restraint systems, such as guardrails, workers often find it difficult to access difficult locations on the site and this may come in their way of successful project accomplishment. However, workers need formal training to be able to use fall arrest systems in an appropriate manner.

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