Ever wondered how to operate ratchet straps? My name is Will Dunn, I'm the Sales Director for LES and it is my pleasure to present to you the best practices and solid tips on how ratchet straps work. I will guide you through the different available ranges, styles and formats. From small 'disposable' assemblies to larger 75mm webbing capable of securing loads up to 5000kg/5000daN (or 5Tonnes).

Most often the case is that Ratchet Straps are really simple to operate, there is a misconception that I aim to break down and show you that they are not hard to use, you just have to learn to use them- perhaps that's the hard way? Who knows. What I do know is that our range is so simple to specify and even easier to use, read more to learn something new today! Once you learn, you won't forget it- I can promise you that.

Green Pin Shackles come highly recommended, favoured by riggers and those who are reliant on quality and reliability in tough conditions. The premium branded Lifting Shackles are manufactured in The Netherlands to the very highest standards.

Van Beest who manufacture the Green Pin range of shackles have been doing so for the past 90 years and continually invest in their processes and as well as in research and development of new and existing products for further refinement. Offering a range from 0.3T-1550T provides a scope for all application sizes, every Green Pin Shackle is fully CE compliant and shipped with certificate of conformity.

For further information on our range of Green Pin Shackles, please contact our friendly sales team or view the range here.