Plant managers may face dilemmas when it comes to choosing between wire rope hoists and chain hoists. Both wire rope hoists and chain hoists perform the same function, but they are operated in different ways and are meant to lift different types of loads. So you may want to know the differences between wire rope hoists and chain hoists if you are looking to invest in a new hoist, upgrade your existing hoist, or if you think that you may not be using the right type of hoist in your operations.

 When you use inappropriate hoists, you end up incurring additional expenses in the long run. For example, wire ropes are costlier than chains and so you may be paying too much for something that you do not actually need. On the other hand, when you use chains for operations that demand the use of wire ropes, you will have a system that fails to perform to the expected standard and you may end up paying for repairs.

Wire hoists come in diverse forms that are created wit...

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