Investing in sturdy height safety equipment is completely essential for anyone who could be at risk from falls. We often hear of cases where people have been killed or injured because they have had an accident whilst working at height, and a lot of the time it is completely preventable.

We supply lifting shackles for all applications to suit a wide variety of needs, with a focus on quality as well as price. Our aim is to provide robust, high-quality products which represent real value and we believe that our range does just this. Have a look through our selection and find the products which best meet your requirements.

No matter if you are a professional mechanic or a car repair enthusiast that likes to do all their car repair work themselves, doing any type of car servicing work without the right tools can be impossible. Especially if you are working on the car’s engine, because there is no way you can lift the engine block with your bare hands. Luckily there are certain instruments that you can use to help you with this task, these tools are called engine hoists. And to help you find the right engine hoist for you and the kind of work you are going to be doing using the hoist, let’s look at various different engine hoist types and what kind of projects they are best suited for.