The Ultralift Plus Lifting Magnet

Eclipse Magnetics has well over 100 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high performance magnetic systems, and Lifting Equipment Store is regularly supplying Ultralift Plus magnets for safe lifting. The smallest unit can grip up to 125kg while the largest can lift up to 2000kg, and each magnet benefits from exceptional performance to weight ratio. The Plus range uses high-energy neodymium magnets to lift loads steadily, whilst its simple operation makes it ideal for one person operations.

The Ultralift Plus range is the only permanently magnetic lifting magnet to include a ‘safety shim’, allowing the user to undertake a test prior to the lift. The interlock mechanism also improves safety once under load, preventing the operating handle from being moved to the ‘off’ position. This smart mechanism works by identifying the tension and locking the handle accordingly. Much like our other Ultral...

NEW Viper Chain Hoist

We are very proud to announce that we are now offering the latest ‘GT’ Chain Block; The Viper.

Capacities ranging from 500-30,000kg with various height of lift available meaning that there is a Viper Chain Block to suit everyone, the Viper block is constructed using high quality materials to provide a robust and durable 21st century lifting hoist.

Featuring Zinc plated grade 80 load chain as standard, sealed bearings for increased protection and easy servicing/maintenance, heavy duty cast iron safety catches- a real consumer demand we have noticed, replace your safety catches less often with the Viper Chain Block!

Also included in the body is a chain guide protector to help prevent damage to the chain guide which causes chain to snag and incorrectly feed in to the hoist, slowing production- the Viper block fixes this issue with innovative design that has been combined with years of experience and user feed...

Lifting Equipment Store offers every type of GreenPin Shackle on today’s market. Our Dee and Bow shackles are Dutch manufactured to the highest standards, while we can provide a specific design for a specific application. In most cases, a chain or Dee shackle is used on one-leg systems, while an anchor or bow shackle is mainly used on multi-leg systems. Our range of GreenPin shackles stretch from 0.33 Tonnes to 1500 Tonnes.

The GreenPin polar shackles are designed for use in extreme climatic conditions, while we have ROV and spring release options available, depending on our clients’ individual requirements. No matter what type we supply, it’s advised that the pin is correctly screwed into the ‘eye’ and hand tightened using a suitable tool.  Side loads should ideally be avoided (as the rated load will be reduced), while a bow shackle must be assembled with the slings in the body, and the hook connected with the pin. It’s also ve...