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Chain Hoists & Trolleys

Chain Hoists
Lifting Equipment Store can supply chain hoists from leading trusted brands to suit all applications up to 20,000kg or otherwise known as 20 tonnes and heights of lift up to 60m. We can supply many alternative and competative brands such as Yale, PFAFF, Stahl, Donati and Raptor.
What is a chain hoist?
A chain hoist is a term for a piece of lifting equipment that is suspended (usually from a beam via a trolley) featuring a chain and hook. The hook is used to secure the object being lifted while the chain is used to lift the hook and the load attached to an appropriate height. Manual chain hoists require the user to pull one end of the chain to lift the load while electric chain hoists require the user only to push a button (up or down) to control a motor that will lift the load attached (providing it does not exceed the safe working load). Chain hoists can be suspended in a number of different methods, most chain hoists come with a hook or trolley. 

Hand Chain Hoists
Our hand chain hoists or otherwise known as chain blocks are manufactured to require as little manual effort as possiable to prevent any unessesary risk to the users health and safety. Machined to the highest standards, we at lifting handling are proud to sell our quality hand chain hoists. Our hand operated chain hoists can be suspended in a number of different methods such as trolley suspension on a beam in your work shop, our trolleys can be manual, electric or prenumatic powered. Capacities up to 20,000kg or 20 tonnes!!! 

Electric Chain Hoists
Our range of electric chain hoists is vast, we can supply any hoist from our list of leading manufacturers such as Stahl, Yale, Demag or Donati. With capacities up to 10,000kg or otherwise known as 10 tonnes. Powered by single phase 100v/240v or three phase 415v power supply. With lifting heights up to 60m and an option to have a low voltage pendant cable for control our range of electric chain hoists is sure to impress! Our Electric Chain Hoists can be suspended via your own means or we can supply an appropriate trolley (manual, electric or prenumatic). 

SWL= Safe Working Load- this is the maximum weight of chain hoist can lift safely 

Spare Parts
When using a chain hoist, after some time and high useage parts may become worn, to prevent our customers from needing to purchase a brand new hoist or having to go through the effort of aquiring custom made parts we can supply almost all spare parts for the hoists we sell. Saving you time and money so your business can function as efficiently as possable.

Specialist Requirments
Over the last 25 years we have realised some of our customers require specialist chain hoists such as those conforming to specific standards or those that are spark resistant, Atex zones 1, 2 or 3. We can also supply appropriate trolleys
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